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New Real Vehicle Emblems
Retextured New Emblems, Lights, Interiors...
Information Files
Author: MadManForever
Works with: GTA IV 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 05 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 05 Jul 2009
Views: 79388
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.20689 (29 votes)
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New Real Emblems, Lights, Interiors & Outboards for Vehicles... ... by ... MadnessRussia \ MadManForever...
  • FULL FIXED VERSION OF vehicles.img (version / May/10/2009)
  • Summer Fix Pack (June/04/2009)
Content of the Summer Fix Pack:
  • Interiors is Changed (the quality of the textures is improved)
  • Some Backlights & Headlights is Improved
  • Reflections of Lights (Better than it was... )
  • Aerography on Vans
READ FORUM IF YOU NEED HELP. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: ... All OK With The GTA IV v. in MP too...
With the SPARK's we import all FILES into vehicles.img, which is located in the folder of ~GTAIV~\pc\models\cdimages\...
... is previously grateful for the opinions and the wishes... p.s. Everything is made for all People... who like Grand Theft Auto... p.p.s. ... comments please if you can help for fixing something...
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garryfoster commented over 3 years ago:
I appreciate this one, but there could be more on this when they change the brand name, they can see some idea from about before and after comparison.
dhunder commented over 4 years ago:
This broke my game! Now it crashes everytime i start it!
Room 69 commented over 6 years ago:
One more thing. I almost forgot ! It really made me laugh when i saw Taxi advert. But it's good to know and have fun. And the first experience ( what you know ) in modding of GTA IV which is always frustrating at the beginning, but when you know why you should do backup ( which is good ). Then you learn quickly why you create folders in a specific way, use prper names for them, you organise them and sort in a different way that your family photos or porno clips collection. Those are those changes i always have to make after such a radical move as replacing VEHICLES.IMG, and I see why any vehicles mod comes as a finished file which could be so f**ng annoying. But that also part of a lesson. That's why i check first if it even works. Then i have a laugh when i see taxi ad, unexpected joke. It is not so annoying then to exit game 23th time today. It's double funny now - anyway i had to do it, now i only change those funny parts for those personal. I the meantime, before i laucnchGTAIV again i can say thank you again ! Great mod, and great fun.
Room 69 commented over 6 years ago:
Nice job! This mod is exactly what i mean when i talk about GTA IV with my friends ! Thanks a bunch! I'm also seriuosly grateful for a pretty impressive work. I have only few changes to make, but only those very personal, you know something completely out of your concerns about quality, mistakes or bugs. For those who are "tru belivers" of Liberty City and memebers of pefect Church of No Change that mod is simply MUST HAVE. Church of No Change in Liberty City in the subject of cars is very clear, and it's teachings well known. So in this case you get pure passion in a form of a true gift. That's why i believe that if you want to keep original cars this will make them look only better, even if the are perfect according to teachings :devil:
themars2011 commented over 7 years ago:
Can you make it for San Andreas?
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
the rusty sabre emblems haven't you edited so they r shinny instead of rusty but i have edited them so they r cracked and rusty
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
can you edit the bobcat model so it says "CHVEROLET" on the rear instead of "BOBCAT"
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
f*cking nice mod dude make more of them! :r*:
blood_hound commented over 8 years ago:
Do i have to download all of the files or just the Summer Fix package and the Whole IMG? :D thanks and nice MOD! :D
Auxrilla commented over 8 years ago:
looking good nice keep up :cookie: :cookie:
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Today I will Start Fixing Some Textures For HD Quality...

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