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Real City And Vehicles Names Mod
Now cars and cities will have there real names
Information Files
Author: tysonkaemmer No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Nov 2008
Last Updated: 11 Dec 2008
Views: 22953
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.55556 (9 votes)
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This mod has real city and vehicle names!

Just simply replace the american.gxt with the new one!
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mystery-house commented over 4 years ago:
its 2013 almost june... wheres the big update promiced?
thomasmdaniel commented over 5 years ago:
really nice man, you have done a good job hope you make new stuff :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
HustlerNidza commented over 7 years ago:
Wow man you are a f*cking genius!?!?Tnxx here you go :cookie: :cookie: xDD :r*: :r*:
Denzof96 commented over 7 years ago:
Thank You My Friend Here Have Some Cookie :cookie: :cookie: :D
mrmohamed2001 commented over 8 years ago:
[color=][b][i]sweet :r*: :furious: :die: :catloaf: :cookie: :rampage:
fintelligent commented over 8 years ago:
lollolwolf commented over 8 years ago:
There is no other comments, so i wanted to say thanks here is teh cookies for you. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
tysonkaemmer commented over 9 years ago:
This mod has real city and vehicle names!!
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For Spaceeinstein's mod
I am currently making this mod compatible with spaceeinstien's all in one mod pack. I have to redo the whole thing cause i am editing the gxt file that came with the spaceeinstein mod so people can enjoy his mod with realistic vehicle and city names. So just hang in there i will have it released before a week before Christmas.

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