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New stylish hud like in GTA IV now is in SA
Information Files
Author: Alexander Blade
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Aug 2008
Last Updated: 27 Aug 2008
Views: 425643
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.25984 (127 votes)
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Adds IV Hud in SA
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Zekiloni commented 3 months ago:
all works nice, but where is money tab ? :( only when I get some money I't wrote how much I earned and how much I had ?
commented over a year ago:
Game Crashes after Loading the Saved Game... :dontgetit: Plz help...
commented over a year ago:
SAMP keep crashing... Fix it please :sui:
commented over a year ago:
I keep crashing in SAMP Fix it please :sui:
Webmaster2015 commented over a year ago:
When I start the game, it tells me "GTA_SA.exe has stopped working"
edicu2000 commented over a year ago:
I made all the settings in main.ini and it still doesnt work
ZeroOne commented over a year ago:
just rename vorbisFile.dll to vorbisFilebackup.dll and it will work :colgate:
GTAMaster001 commented over a year ago:
GUYS GUYS CHILL I GOT A SOLUTION: There That gta_sa.exe is Compatible For GTA IV Hud Mod If It Dont Work To Your PC Then SORRY :D :cool:
MixTime commented over a year ago:
My game crashes too! Please fix this! It is really awesome but I will rate it 5 only after I can actually play with it... :cry:
TheJAMESGM commented over a year ago:
Everyone saying their game is crashing. How about you actually give more details and say if you have any other mods installed and what your exe version is.
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Description :
This mod adds the GTA IV hud to GTA San Andreas .
Almost all is like in IV (see screen.jpg) , including the health
and armor around the radar , mobile phone, weapon icons and
other iv-like things .

Change Log :
|v1.1 (2008.08.26)
- Fixed game crashing after 20-30 mins of playing ;
- Fixed old wanted level showing in pay'n'spray ;
- Added radar bleeding when player loses health or armour ;
- Added mobile phone (press `P`) ;
- New weapon icons (Thx 2 Kryder) ;
- All hud shows by `Num +` (in v1.0 was `~`) ;
- Removed page opening at start ;
- Minor changes in radar properties ;
- Black ring properties around the radar are in `Radar.ini` now .
|v1.0 (2008.08.22)
- First version:)

PS : you can turn off about at start by setting `ShowAbout` param
of `main.ini` in 0 .
PS2 : don't use this mod with Interface Editor at one time .

Supported gta_sa.exe :
- 1.0us (14383616 bytes)
- 1.0us compact (5189632 bytes)

Installing :
Copy all content from "COPY" folder into SA root dir .

Keys :
- You can see all hud elements by pressing `Num +` ;
- Phone shows (with current time) by `P` pressing .

About :
Made By : Alexander / Alexander Blade / Alexander Koryakin

Thanks to :
GooD , Seemann , listener , MIXAZZZ , Ank , Kryder , Bandit , Aschratt , Sacky , Jernej L , Koc , Alt ... all , and users ,aslo thanks to everyone who likes this mod and other my programs .

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