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K2K Code Maker v1.0
Easy Main.scm Code Generator
Information Files
Author: kiavash2k
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 May 2008
Last Updated: 24 May 2008
Views: 8812
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is a handy tool for speedup the gta modders who want to write mission codes easily. with this software you can generate Vehicle codes, Weapon codes, Pickup/Items Codes, Police, Weather, ... or edit TimeCycle, ped, weapons, etc.

I've did release a beta version for test/use and update this program ASAP for gta modders.

This is a free software and you can't sell or edit this program.

<< This program isn't final version and it's in WIP State, but this version is almost useful >>

Download? (try it)
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kiavash2k commented over 9 years ago:
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K2K CodeMaker V0.04 Beta
This is a free software for speedup the gta:sa modders and it's first minor version of K2K CodeMaker, it's very simple program for generate code for main.scm, you can use it just for GTA:SA and I recommend to use in Sanny Builder. next version is coming ASAP. Enjoy!

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