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IllicitPimping CJ's Garage
High Quality replacement for CJ's garage in San fi
Information Files
Author: illicitpimping
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 28 Sep 2007
Last Updated: 29 Sep 2007
Views: 15072
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.33333 (3 votes)
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snelle123 commented over 9 years ago:
nice mod im gonna try it nice combi with the wang cars:r*:
SchuBird commented over 9 years ago:
Quick question!!! So there are mods that are basically reskins or retextures for different buildings. But are there any mods, any good mods i should say, that make the other garage doors accessible? I know this probably isn't the place to ask, but if you know could you please answer or at least link me to an answer? Thank You!
intellicaxt commented over 10 years ago:
Great work i appreciate your hardwork, nice job man, Hats off
illicitpimping commented over 10 years ago:
-Illicitpimping Official Product-

A high quality, bug free replacement for CJ's Garage in Doherty, San Fiero, can be paired with the IP "Wang Cars" replacement too, as they're similarity designed. looks better in-game, poor quality images.
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