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SA Ammunation Tool
Weapon editor
Information Files
Author: voodoo48 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Sep 2007
Last Updated: 16 Aug 2008
Views: 37923
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (10 votes)
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With this program you can edit the weapons' attributes like damage, ammo, etc.

- English (by me, Emperror)
- Hungarian (by me, Emperror)
- Italian (by Wesser)
- German (by Robert Fritzen)
- Czech (by FleXxX)

New ones can be added too, they are stored in a simple txt file!
bilalkazangs00 commented over a year ago:
some cookies for you dude :cookie: :cookie:
bilalkazangs00 commented over a year ago:
Can you translate this to Turkish please :die:
evildaddy911 commented over a year ago:
Wow, this is a very helpful tool! before i downloaded this, i was constantly scrolling up to check the column #, then having to find the gun's line again. now i can easily find the weapon im looking for, and have all the fields labeled! can i make a suggestion? could you make a handling.cfg editor in the same style? thanks!
JulianBo188 commented over 2 years ago:
GTAfansCR, you can traduce it yourself
GTAfansCR commented over 4 years ago:
LOLBURGERinc commented over 4 years ago:
hey! sounds quite cool, I can help you make a french version if you like? :lol:
GTAfansCR commented over 4 years ago:
Hey if you like i can traduce it to spanish!
arvey commented over 5 years ago:
hey i have problem when i run it i select sa main folder it say's "i said that select the SA's folder man please help me :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :sui: :die: :die:
voodoo48 commented over 6 years ago:
Yeah I found it, and it will be built in. I fired all the 30 bullets in 3 sec from an AK...:) Now I have to translate it to English (because now it is Hungarian), build in this, and find a nice weapon picture for design...:)
Gaffa commented over 6 years ago:
The rate of fire is the speed the gun fires, how many it can fire a minute, or even simpler, HOW FAST THE GUN CAN EMPTY THE MAGAZINE.

On a standard, the M4 takes about 8 seconds to empty its 50 round magazine. Well here there are two problems. The first most obvious one being that the mag capacity of the M4 is only 30 rounds, not 50, and it should fire those 30 rounds in about 2 seconds (!).

On san andreas, you can change the firerate of guns...

go to and read my last post there on how to change the Rate of Fire. Thanks.
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