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GTA: SA Savegame Editor
Information Files
Author: I_Hack_Edit_GTA
Website: http://
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V3 V2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Jul 2017
Last Updated: 16 Dec 2017
Views: 6289
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4 (2 votes)
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This mod allows you to be able to edit money and other things in your savegame file. If you find any issues while using it, please comment your issue and i'll try my best to find the solution. Need's the newest Java to use!

Please note that all the saves are supposed to be selected by their version!

If your operating system is 32Bit use the 32
If your operating system is 64Bit use the 64

Character Customization works a treat! Money can be changed manually by your own number or the preselected buttons of +9999999, o, -9999999.

I'm not responsible for the deletion of your save, Use at your own risk!

Russian version of rules are now in the ReadMe file.

Thank you for the support from my other sources at

(Note: I'm not held responsible for the corruption of your save if that happens! I suggest you use a new, fresh save and then start on that one!)

This is a work-in-progress as some of the scripts needed to change items on your save will corrupt your save! Use at your own risk!

Update News!

Fixed Script of money not saving
Character Customization is now working
Deleted 3 scripts to help resolve crash

V4 coming soon! (Includes multiple other game save editors aswell!)
New UI and a new simple way to edit the save of GTA games all on Steam. Not only GTA but many others that I offer in this 4+ Save Editor Game Bundle that varies from game to game, all you have to do is install the Save Editor from the selected save editor install screen.
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GayName360 commented 6 days ago:
I have a problem. I got the police outfit using this save game editor, and every time I get wasted I lose it and have to go to a safehouse to change my outfit back again. Is there a solution for this problem?
MruczekXd commented 3 weeks ago:
Wow very good, i cant wait more for v4 version :D I love this :inlove:
I_Hack_Edit_GTA commented 2 months ago:
 QUOTE (Yasser Lounnas @ 06:26, 18 Jul 2017)
Where is the link bro ?? :dontgetit:
It is up, enjoy the editor! (P.S Check the news box for frequent updates and/or delays on the V4 project!)
Yasser Lounnas commented 7 months ago:
Where is the link bro ?? :dontgetit:
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V4 Delayed for upcoming Ajit Pai
Sorry that this has been delayed due to the uprising of Ajit Pai, I know that right now there is nothing holding me back from releasing the updated version but I insist of holding it off mainly because I don't know what's going to happen in the matter of months to come. This does leave a major gap between me uploading the updated editor and rather being worried that this entire basis created from what I do simply leaves me with doubt with the new act being determined by congress. Many of you might think that I am in all terms a "baby" and that I "Shouldn't be worried about this issues because it may takes years to effect the internet as a whole". I am simply, in kind terms, terminating the V4 project until further details are supplied. Until then the V4 project as stated above will be terminated until December 30th and if things go to plan then the save editor might be up sooner (December 25th). If the whole plan flops then the save editor will be released in March 29th, 2018 - I_Hack_Edit_GTA (P.S The new updated editor will have it's own GTAGarage page just like this one, once released this one will be changed and outdated)

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