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GTA New Life
Switch to Tommy, Claude, Carl lives
Information Files
Author: Thedrivercat
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Website: http://
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Jul 2017
Last Updated: 21 Jul 2017
Views: 1387
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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About the mod :

This isn't only just conversion from VC, III to SA but it also makes you able to switch between the three protagonists lives (Claude-Liberty City, Tommy-Vice City, Carl-San Andreas).each character has it's own progress in game and storyline.

Notification :

This is Total Conversion from Everything in GTA VC , GTA III To GTA SA including
-Peds (Every Exsisting Ped)
-Vehicles (Every Available Vehicle)
-Maps (VC , III) including shops
-Weapons (Every Single Weapon)
-Hud (Vc, III, Sa) to each character
-Icons (Vc, III) Map Icons
-Animations (Vc, III) Cutscene Animations
-Storyline (Vc, III, ) Additional Stories
-Cheatcodes (Vc, III, ) Some Cheatcodes

Upcoming Versions :
V 1.0 : Vc, III Peds (in progress)

Progress :
From 13/7/2017 To 17/7/2017 Extracting and Arranging Vc, III Files

Advantages :

If this mod worked the way I will come in handy for low end pc
it'll be perfect one.well not as perfect as gta v but for Sa lovers :)

Warning :
This mod is depending on additional files so don't overwrite your old Sa savegame with this new one but if you want create a new slot.

How long it will take?

This mod is still in progress but i'm sure it's gonna take a lot of time.Maybe weeks
i'm making the mod alone.That's Why :D

My Opinion about mod?
-I think it's no more called a mod i think this is a new GTA Game.i guess Rockstar owes me when i finish their new game :D i'm the author but I'm excited myself and can't wait until I finish this mod :)

How to uninstall the mod?
I will put explanation for this in the mod

All Rights reserved to their owners

By (Thedrivercat)

Please don't reupload my mod without my permission.

"its hard to get on a job without a motivation :D"

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