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The Story Of Crystal
A Drug Problem is Growing in Flint and Red County..
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Author: ljonny
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1
Status: Complete
Started on: 17 May 2017
Last Updated: 17 May 2017
Views: 184
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.33333 (3 votes)
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After 1989 when The Falcon Family were forced to pack up and leave Pineridge, South Yankton due to an impoverished living. They tried to make ends meet for as long as they could until decisions came to leave the area and flee down south. Job Opportunities made the Falcon’s flee down to the Outskirts of Red County, where they set up a home at an old Farm.

The Year is 2003, the setting is Angel Pine Reservation, Paleteo Bay San-Andreas. The Falcon Family Farm got auctioned off by the DEA after a Drug Raid in Spring of 2000.
	Adrian ‘Juan’ Falcon returns from the Mid-West, after a 2 year-long Journey through the Brown Hills of South Yankton. When Adrian left, Crack Cocaine was beginning to fade from the streets of Los Santos, the Drug Rings died slowly, as DEA and FIB run rampant through the area. Los Santos seen a “dry” period from Heroin, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine through the Fall of ’01, to the Summer of ’02… Then the Sindaccos and Forelli’s formed a Syndicate, that was strict on maintaining Shipments of Narcotics. Adrian returns home to see the aftermath of Methamphetamines, and Heroin. Recoiling on the Crack Cocaine epidemic of the 1990’s, Cousin Red’s intent is to get Adrian’s help to rid Drugs off the street, the Old-Fashioned way…

The people you'll get used to knowing..

Adrian ‘Juan/Jonny/Jonboy’ Falcon ~ Age 21
The Main Protagonist.
Born to a Father with Sioux heritage, and a mother with a Chicano background. Adrian was given the Nickname “Jonboy” named after his father, who died of a Drug Overdose, when Adrian was only 6 years old. When Adrian came here to Dilmore, Red County Los Santos, he was only 10 years of age. Throughout the years, he grew up on his Grandmother’s little farm they bought on a hill, being raised by his Uncles and Grandma. He grew up running in, and out of the house and playing in the forest just as he would do in South Yankton. As time went on, so did Juan, by age 12 he was stealing Cousin Bubby’s weed, and smoking it in the shack. Juan would continue stealing herb from his older relatives until he was 14 when he got caught, and had to start selling weed for his Uncle Rodney. As Juan grew through the years, he became friends with Raymond Fleetwood, the two began selling herb together and established a close friendship. They started flipping Speed Pills in 1998, due to the fast atmosphere of Highschool. Adrian left Los Santos in November 2000, wanting to find out more about his ancestors traveling to America’s Heartland.

	Red Falcon ~ Age 34,
From South Yankton Pine Ridge, Indian Reservation
 Works in Construction, and Carpentry. Used to grow Marijuana in the Hills of Yankton’s, after being forced to leave the area, began to make a living in dealing Cocaine and Methamphetamine in the Hills of Red County for the Forelli’s. After concluding in 1998, that he wanted to quit Dealing with Drugs, started pushing them away from The Falcon Residence. Due to them ruining the Communities around him; Red swore he would get rid of any substance that’d Vow harm upon the streets of Red County, and Los Santos. As of 2003 Red can be found on the Angel Pine Indian Reservation, in Paleteo Bay.

	Alex ‘Lex’ Falcon ~ Age 33,
From South Yankton Pine Ridge, Indian Reservation
Could never hold or sustain a Job, had to steal to maintain income. Was always finding Himself into trouble with the Law, and in School. In 1986 Alex got in Trouble with Pine Ridge Highschool authorities after selling Pills, and Marijuana on campus. After the incident, He was expelled and started selling Nickels and Dimes to get by. In 1995, Alex and Bubby got caught cooking speed in the hills near Dilmore, and got a stern beating from Red. After this Alex was addicted to Meth. Alex got kicked out of the house, and had to live with his Uncle, after stealing from his grandmother.

Eric “Bubby” Ledoux ~ Age 34
“Bubby” was born to Rodney Ledoux, Adrian’s uncle. Rodney’s grows fields of Marijuana, Bubby grew up learning about a lot of what Rodney knew. Being exposed to the wrong type of Atmosphere, and parental guidance, his mentality only goes so far. Drinking and smoking since the age of 9, he started helping his dad at the age of 14. When they came to Los Santos, he found Cocaine, and Meth. He felt against cocaine with a strong hatred, and LOVED Methamphetamine. Bubby began learning how to Cook Meth at the age of 17, using the trailers by his Grandma’s house. Adrian’s older brother Alex began helping Bubby, which is what lead to Alex’s arrest in 1997.

Raymond “Ray-Ray” Fleetwood ~ Age 21
Raymond grew up in Los Flores, born to a Hispanic Mother, and a Native American Father just like his best-friend Adrian.. Was introduced into the Gang-Life of Los Santos at a young age, when he’d steal car radios to make money for Crack Dealers in the early 1990’s at just the age of 12. Raymond loves to smoke Mary Janes, and relax, which is how he started buying weed from Adrian in middle-school and throughout High school. The two became a crime syndicate as teenagers, and became an inseparable duo.

Matthew ‘Matt’ Oden ~ Age 23
A Childhood friend of Adrian’s who came to San Fierro when he turned 19, in search of a new life. He ran into Adrian when Matthew was trafficking Cocaine through the Senora Freeway, Adrian and Matt began to work together for the following years to come. Matt is the type of person, to disappear without word. A mysterious individual, with an unknown Career, he seems to always have large amounts of Cash. Matt is highly respected with the Sindacco and the Forelli Families.

Joey ‘Gonzo’ Gonzales ~ Age 22
In 1998, Joey got in trouble with Ritalin inside of school. Joey had a bad habit of crushing and snorting his Medication. Joey wasn’t a tweaker though, he would do anything he’d get his hands on. Thus earning the nickname “Gonzo.” The same year he dropped out of Highschool (1998) Joey found Crack, and would often go on binges, high-jacking vehicles bringing them to the chop-shop to get sold. Joey doesn’t have a house, he lives with Rodney in Santa Maria Beach; Or where ever he can sleep.

Kyra “Key-Key” Ledoux ~ Age 27
Adrian’s Older sister. Doesn’t have a work ethic, always lives and leaches off other people, or thieves to get what she wants. Manipulative and controlling in many ways. Often gets others in trouble, by causing idiotic Bullsh*t. When she was a Teenager she left South Yankton coming to Los Santos, then returned with a Herion addiction. She allegedly “sobered” up in 1996 allowing Adrian’s Grandmother to let her into the home. After selling Grandma Sandra’s car she got kicked out onto the streets of Dilmore, where she ended up in County Jail for the Summer of ’97. When she got out, she went to live in Seville Los Santos, and started doing work for the Loco’s Vagos.

Taylor “Tee” Ledoux ~ Age 21
Uncle Ken’s daughter, and Adrian’s cousin, she grew up really close to Adrian, always helping him with issues he had. She grew up a good girl, with straight A’s, and a good childhood, due to her father being a Lawyer. They’d barely come visit out at Grandma Savage’s house, due to the heavy atmosphere of Drugs and Alcohol. She’s an Open spirit, with a Kind heart while also being a really good Mechanic.

Riann “Rain” Ledoux ~ Age 19
Adrian’s youngest cousin, she’s the daughter of Rodney Ledoux, and Bubby’s Sister. Riann used to smoke pot with Adrian all the time as kids, but as she grew up she started loving Alcohol a lot more. Would go out to parties in Las Ventura’s, San Fierro, and Los Santos she’s always on the move and never at home. Her mother being a Meth Addict, and her father a drug dealer, she had nobody to rely on other than her Grandmother, and Aunties. She’s the most Native American out of all of her cousins, Dark Beautiful woman, who attracts all types of men. Due to her heavy drinking, she’s accused of stealing more than her drug addicted family. She’s dating a Forelli Mobster who’s 5 years older than her.

Shane “Edgar” Forelli ~ Age 24
Not much is known about Shane other than the fact he dates your cousin Riann. He used to sleep at your Grandmothers house before her Farm got auctioned off by the DEA. He’s starting to dabble in Methamphetamine distribution, while getting high on it himself… Which is highly frowned upon in Organized Mobs.

Marcel Fleetwood ~ Age 20
Joey’s Childhood friend, and Raymond’s Little cousin; Was born to a man with Jamaican roots, and a Spanish mother. Marcel grew up skateboarding as young trouble makers of Los Santos, near Santa Maria beach. Long boarding on the board walks, smoking spliffs under the docks, and surfin’ livin’ it up in South LS. Had very well manors as a teenager, maintained morals until he was 16; where Marcel started abusing Percocet’s after his sister died from a heroin overdose. To cope with the loss of his sister, he attempted to steal her possessions back from the Kilo-Trey Ballas. Marcel got stabbed by a Balla OG, and spent a week in the hospital. Soon after, from being alone so often Marcel became depressed and turned to Heroin. To maintain a habit, he’d slang dope on the corners for Eight-Trey Grove Families. Marcel moved to San Fierro when he turned 19 to get away from the Mexican Brown Heroin of Los Santos..

Chapters 3, and 4 coming out soon.
Along with Flashback Missions

Required, DYOM, Cleo, and the LS-RP Official Moddpack Version 3. Link Below.

©ljonny Rights to All of the story, and Names of Characters, belong to me.
The LS-RP Official Moddpack is credited to the LS-RP Modding Team
Special thanks to @Jsonic3000 for re hosting all of the Modpacks

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