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Portal Gun
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Author: Jwalin
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Jun 2016
Last Updated: Yesterday
Views: 9423
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.57143 (7 votes)
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Extract to CLEO folder.

Type "PORTAL" to activate/deactivate Portal Gun.

Tab : Slow motion
LMB : shoot Blue portal
RMB : shoot Yellow portal

Start thinking with portals
Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out
Jwalin commented 9 months ago:
Change the activation key combination, and the key to spawn yellow portal. Save it with a new name and there you go.
65536 commented 9 months ago:
Jwalin, I have a suggestion: it's possible to make do can spawn and have multiple (something like 3, please no more) yellow portals that acts only as as entrance, and the blue portal to can be still only one as time and it do only acts as an exit / respawn point for vehicles / peds that has entered any of the yellow portals? :) I suggest there do not be ability for spawning so many yellow portals because I don't know how the game could behave with too many yellow portals active at once (it might crash with Unhanded Exception)...
Jwalin commented 9 months ago:
Thank you 65536 :)
65536 commented 9 months ago:
I've downloaded this mod from GTAinside and tried it. It's awesome and doesn't suffer from any bugs. Thanks you!
Jwalin commented 10 months ago:
Thanks man!
Ashwin the new boy commented 10 months ago:
You are doing Good Job jwalin, most of your work is Similar to others but I'm impressed by "Valve PORTAL" like concept in Vice City. You just need to give Tommy a GUN for that. Good Luck :r*:
Bharath61 commented over a year ago:
Please do this script for GTA vice city android
Bharath61 commented over a year ago:
Please do this for android device for GTA vice city
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