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GTA LCS Vehicles Big Pack
Information Files
Author: MAJEST1C_R3
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 19 Jul 2014
Last Updated: 27 Aug 2014
Views: 11138
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (14 votes)
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This pack contains all 86 vehicles which have been converted from PS2 version of GTA Liberty City Stories.
You can use these vehicles in your public mods without permission but don't forget to state me as author of them :).

chriskillem commented 7 months ago:
Amazing. Thank you for converting. Have some cookies. :cookie: :cookie:
YochiThMaster333 commented 7 months ago:
I can convert from GTA VC to GTA 3 cars. If in TXD car file has "chrome" I am deleting this texture for convert using Zmodeler and TXD Workshop 4.5. I am so much love Bickle 1976 and I converted into GTA 3. :D
andri-andre commented 9 months ago:
hey guys this is a vehicle mod pack I like this mod What you also like this mod? :xmas:
cj2000 commented 9 months ago:
Why converting vehicles to VC and not SA? And what about coll files for this vehicles?
MAJEST1C_R3 commented 10 months ago:
Depends not from me... I've uploaded the file.
AtteraTotusSanctus commented 10 months ago:
When will be released for download?
Jeansowaty commented 11 months ago:
This includes the Argento? :O
MAJEST1C_R3 commented 11 months ago:
As soon as moderators increase mod size limit. :angry:
gtalcsfan commented 11 months ago:
Please give us the download link for this pack as soon as possible. Thanks.
Clewbie commented 11 months ago:
Where is the download link :furious: :furious: :sui:
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