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Street Dancers
they like your car music
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Author: gtaragemachine
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v6
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Jul 2014
Last Updated: 18 Sep 2014
Views: 6520
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.33333 (6 votes)
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STREET DANCERS v6.1 (Up to 20 Peds Dancing, with 59 different dance movements)
by gtaragemachine

Version 6.1 changed a couple of coding errors. Should be good to go now.

To start the street dancers your vehicle must be stopped. Then press the horn key.

If five peds can be found within 20 ft(meters?) it will start the dancers.
With this version, it will search for up to fifteen more peds within 20 ft(meters?). So the total of peds dancing
can be up to twenty peds. Hold the horn key again, or drive forwards or backwards to dismiss the dancers.

Hold the [Handbrake] key until dancers stop. Once they stop, release the key and in a second they will all dance to the same dance group. Hold the [Handbrake] key again until they stop and they will revert back to complete randomization of dancing.

-Added two new dance groups (Random number selects from seven dance groups. There are now 59 total dance movements within those groups).
-Changed dance movements so the movements have more fluid transition (less herky-jerky movements).
-Dance movement transitions work better for a wider range of tempos.

Side Note: Want to see something funny? Get a wanted level with this running (you still may want to have your doors locked though).

Since I only submit my mods in the hope that someone else will enjoy them, I give permission for anyone to improve/resubmit this mod.

Credits: I learned from ZAZ on his Dance mod how he used globals already established. I compared it to the main.scm to confirm it. Thanks again, ZAZ.

Version 5
-Now up to twenty peds dancing
-Before, each ped was locked into a specific dance group. Now all peds can dance from any dance group.
-Added dancers dance to same dance group by holding [Aim Weapon] key.

Version 4
-Up to 15 peds dancing
-Added more animations to the four dance routines.

Version 3:
-10 peds dancing
-Several different dance routines (for a total of four).
-I also made it so that if it gets a ped driving a vehicle, that ped will be placed outside of their vehicle (instead of dancing in their vehicle, lol).

Version 2:
To get the nearest 5 peds to dance to your music while driving, you must be stopped and then hit the horn.
To stop them from dancing hit the horn again or drive forward or backwards.

Original Version:
To get the nearest 5 peds to dance hit the horn.
To stop them from dancing hit the horn again.
5 Peds dancing
gtaragemachine commented 5 months ago:
Thank you for the cookies and comment, I appreciate it. Most importantly, I'm glad someone enjoys this mod. Makes it worth the time to submit it.
HilArius999 commented 5 months ago:
great mod brotha! i liked it. :D here take some cookies and create more awesome mods ! :cookie: :cookie:
gtaragemachine commented 5 months ago:
Whoever rated this one star please give some feedback why you didn't like this. Maybe I can fix it for you.
SpockerLoquendero commented 5 months ago:
Pretty mod :D :D
gtaragemachine commented 5 months ago:
Although you didn't rate this mod I thank you for the cookies, mm.
GEO_Nika commented 5 months ago:
great mod. here take some cookies :cookie: :cookie: ;)
C0ton commented 6 months ago:
Good Job !
gtaragemachine commented 6 months ago:
If anyone has any ideas to improve or make this mod better I would greatly appreciate it.
gtaragemachine commented 6 months ago:
Thanks much for you comment. I only submit my mods that I think maybe someone else may enjoy them.
ajidehak commented 7 months ago:
5/5, i like it, thanks to you for your great mod and your great brain, i love any great idea :r*:
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