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Car Interior Fixes
Fixes the horrible SA car interiors
Information Files
Author: HurtAngel
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v3.3b
Status: Complete
Started on: 27 May 2007
Last Updated: 20 Apr 2010
Views: 62355
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.64285 (14 votes)
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This is a visual mod for San Andreas.
It changes the textures of the original interiors from
low-poly to much more detailed high-poly ones.

The "v3.3 BETA Police pack" is a pre-release. It is going to be placed ONLY on
GTAGarage, if it's anywhere else, there is a chance it's stolen.

The v3.3 BETA features a fully redone dashboard for ALL the police
cars: LSPD (LAPD), SFPD (SFPD), LVPD (LVMPD) and the CRASH police
cruiser from cutscenes. The dashboard has been darkened for that
black leathery look of real police cars, the electronics have been
modified and most of it has been painted into digital blue that
is all the rage now. The BETA is missing a minor set of things,
especially in the cutscene CRASH vehicle. It's a pre-release after

Still to come (packs):
"Street race car interior fix"
"Oldie type car interior fix"
"Truck and heavy duty car interior fix"
"Bus interior fix" (minor tweak)
And many more!

They will be created/finished and uploaded as soon as I get time!
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HurtAngel commented over 7 years ago:
Yeah, it's just that I am busy with other things and I totally procrastinate.
Inusan commented over 7 years ago:
It has only been done towards police cars? :bored:
xion10 commented over 8 years ago:
:rampage: men, you should put it for all cars
rotipuj commented over 8 years ago:
These wheels are only for police cars. Haaaaacccck :devil: [i]
SLAYERMAGGOT commented over 9 years ago:
Very nice, yes the old textures are very bad, now it gives the cars a better look :D
HurtAngel commented over 9 years ago:
Most of you have noticed the horrible San Andreas car Interiors, well, I am slowly fixing them, I have fixed 12 cars so far and I am not going to stop.

There was a Publishment of v1.0 of the Police Car Interior Fix Pack on a difrent site, but now, the v3.1 will be put here, and ONLY here!
For now here are some Screenies as you asked, I will Upload the file later!

There is still to come (Packs):
"Street Race Car Interior Fix"
"Oldie Type Car Interior Fix"
"Truck and Heavy Duty Car Interior Fix"
"Bus Interior Fix" (Minor tweak)
And many more, they will be finished and uploaded as soon as I get time!
danielcrawford commented over 9 years ago:
Is it ready to upload?
cattoaster commented over 10 years ago:
can i have your msn?
HurtAngel commented over 10 years ago:
Uploads currently offline for maintenance

And that's what it keeps telling me when I try to upload...
cattoaster commented over 10 years ago:
upload A.S.A.P. this is one of the few mods that i love
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Police pack v3.3b
Good news everyone! I just couldn't wait and made a pre-release of "v3.3b Police pack"! Yes, that leaves the question where is v3.2 FULL? Well, it's already been scrapped, since I create updates for the interior on top of the old files. Anyway, the files have been uploaded! Be sure to download as soon as they are approved! Enjoy! HurtAngel

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