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Switch Protagonist By In45do
Well, it's not something new...
Information Files
Author: in45do
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: BETA 2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 06 Jun 2014
Last Updated: 08 Jun 2014
Views: 5682
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (7 votes)
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What is this?
Switch Protagonist is a CLEO script to create a feature from GTA V (character switch). It is still working in progress and I won't tell much about it in the description. But you might be interested to see the mods progress and stuff. Here is the official topic on GTAForums. Click here to download BETA 1.

Credit goes to :
- Junior_Djjr for making the sound effect (from GTA V Weapon HUD)
- Loay209 convert the player wheel texture from JulioNIB
- JulioNIB making the player wheel texture for GTA IV

Some video preview:

BETA 1 version
BETA 2 version
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Yoshi_754 commented 6 days ago:
Is it possible to change what character you will play as? I don't want to play as Sweet and Cesar. Is it possible to make the characters one of CJ's possible girlfriends so I can change the skins to look like Tommy Vercetti and Claude Speed?
in45do commented 5 months ago:
It was meant to add different animation for each character. But I will make a "skinny" version of CJ/Michael on BETA 3.
darkash27 commented 5 months ago:
In45do, could make a slim version of cj/michael, please!
darkash27 commented 6 months ago:
Ok. Thanks and again great mod :inlove:
in45do commented 6 months ago:
@darkash27 The only to fix that bug is change Franklin/Trevor clothes to another clothes. Hope it's help.
darkash27 commented 6 months ago:
Great mod :inlove: . But is it just me or is there really a bug if you wasted/busted using franklin and trevor? :/
GODOFGAME commented 6 months ago:
In45do Please I Can't Change The Arrow Keys Because It's Damage My Left Arrow And Right Arrow.
GODOFGAME commented 6 months ago:
I'm So Sorry :(
GODOFGAME commented 6 months ago:
I Never Steal Any Work You See I Update Something, No I Only Say That To Prevent And Report
Rizqan commented 6 months ago:
You the GODOFGAME, stop being arrogant and promoting in modders thread. You should learn yourself about modding, and stop stealing peoples work, working on own mod is better than stealing :furious:
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