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Switch Protagonist By In45do
BETA 3 Release!
Information Files
Author: in45do
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: BETA 3
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Jun 2014
Last Updated: 12 Aug 2015
Views: 83537
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.39999 (15 votes)
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What is this?
Switch Protagonist is a CLEO script to create a feature from GTA V (character switch).

More information are inside the ReadMe file!
Credit goes to :
- Junior_Djjr for making the sound effect (from GTA V Weapon HUD)
- Loay209 convert the player wheel texture from JulioNIB
- JulioNIB making the player wheel texture for GTA IV

Some video preview:

BETA 1 version
BETA 2 version
BETA 3 version
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XDK6 commented a week ago:
in45do pls make this compatible with cleo 4.3 :D
faiz1231 commented 2 months ago:
HEY, Its a great mod but i cant seem to recruit the other playable characters, PLEASE HELP
sasdom919 commented 3 months ago:
I get a chinese messgae when I start the game... maybe incompatible with other mods. Is this mod broken...
Lithma commented 7 months ago:
Awesome :cool: .But, How did you get the Animations? :blink:
Lithma commented 7 months ago:
Awesome :cool: .Where did you download the Animations? :/
mewema commented over a year ago:
awesome mod good job[color=Yellow]
Kl12Sa commented over a year ago:
How to enable clothing system for "CESAR and "SWEET"? Please help me!! (how to enable 1-9 "menu";)PLS HELPME!!
Techdude007 commented over a year ago:
Awesome mod mate! Now i fell i'm playing gta 5 ! :r*: :rah: :lol: :devil:
indo_14 commented over a year ago:
is it compatible with DK's V HUD?
ClaudioVerseti commented over a year ago:
Well it doesn't crash but when I directly change Sweet or Cesar's base skin the mod simply stops working, Like I press g+h and nothing happens at all
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