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GTA 3 - Beta Cars In Action II
Curtly, Darkel and much more!
Information Files
Author: Maru89
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 May 2014
Last Updated: 18 Jun 2014
Views: 3902
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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Second release of 'GTA 3 - Beta cars in action'. This mod will give you more missions, more upgrades, more cars and fixes some bugs from original GTA 3.

I wanted to upload one big file, but my browser didn't let me for some reason. Instead you'll get two smaller rar files. Just download both.

What is going to change after installing this mod:
- some beta vehicles will be added to your game,
- seven missions given by Darkel,
- five missions given by Curtly,
- three more Toyz rampage missions,
- Toyz rampage missions won't be available right after the beginning of the game,
- more changes in basic GTA 3 missions,
- the bug with missing models during new missions has been fixed,
- unused text box during wanted info cutscene will now appear,
- unused audio file will appear in 'Kanbu Bust-out',
- after 'Kanbu Bust-out' the Yakuza will have a little suprise for you,
- every car will be parked at least once somewhere in Liberty,
- new pedestrian type (Novy) will spawn in various locations in Liberty,
- Novy will now act like a street criminal,
- Donky (the guy with sunglasses and 'Donkey Does Dallas' magazine) will spawn in Red Light District,
- bar keeper from 'Shima' will spawn as a pedestrian in Saint Mark's,
- pimps will now drive various cars,
- tramps will now drive poor cars,
- after "Cutting The Grass' and 'Bomb Da Base: Act II' pedestrians will still spawn in Portland Harbor,
- Leone Family members will spawn in Trenton (but will disappear after 'Blow Fish'),
- both gates to the backlot of the Staunton LCPD station will now open for Police car, Enforcer and FBI car,
- the Ghost will be docked on middle molo in Staunton Island,
- new carcols,
- new pedgroup file,
- all cars added to traffic,
- missing text from introduction will now appear,
- unused Colombian model used for Chico from 'Chaperone',
- Colombians from intro movie will appear in 'Bomb Da Base: Act II',
- new model for Carl from 'Her Lover',
- new model for Leon McAffrey from 'Silence The Sneak',
- new model for Ray's partner from 'Gone Fishing',
- Marty Chonks will send you a message on the pager,
- Marty Chonks will have a blip on the radar,
- Donald Love will send you a message on the pager,
- the bug with El Burro's blip on the radar has been fixed,
- after 'Big'n'Veiny' you won't be able to repeat 'Turismo' mission over and over,
- after 'Kingdom Come' you won't be able to repeat 'Bling-Bling Scramble' mission over and over,
- after 'Rumble' you won't be able to repeat 'Rigged to Blow' mission over and over,
- after 'Grand Theft Aero' mission Yakuza Stingers will spawn in Fort Staunton area,
- Yakuza won't spawn anymore in Fort Staunton after 'S.A.M.',
- after 'The Exchange' gangs won't attack you anymore,
- creepy Manana will spawn somewhere in Liberty, check it out at night,
- much more less important changes,
- unfortunately Mr Wongs van had to be removed.

How to install:
1. Replace your files with the ones you're going to download,
2. Delete txd.img and txd.dir from your GTA3/models folder.
For more information check the readme file.

This mod was tested with GTA 3 version 1.1

You can watch some previews below:
A legendary mission with Darkel and school bus.
First mission for Curtly.

qwerty213 - Panto and Luton models,
Surya386 - Beamer and Hachura models,
X2X123 - School Bus model,
edicu2000 - Curtly's model.
All models used with permission!

ZAZ - for the help with Sanny Builder scripts,
edicu2000 - for the idea with Toyz rampage missions.

UPDATE 08.06.2014
Since MeltedSOX changed his mind about the permission this mod will not feature Beta Police car and Beta Enforcer models.
Last post in Beta Police cars by Doc 1985

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