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Special Forces
SWAT at 6 stars
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Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Apr 2014
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2014
Views: 3489
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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Special Forces
Version 1.0:

It's a massive attack by SWAT units at 6 stars. The law is sending swat tanks with 3 SWAT officers - 2 of them in the vehicle and the 3rd one on the top - attacks on sight ("driveby"). They're all use non standard wanted level weapon and that's AK47. In other words 6 stars becoms a shooting chaos. SWAT tanks are bulletproof (if you steal one of them them the game becoms easy since the bullets can't harm you then). The SWAT tanks are woundrable to explosions so you can easily destroy them with bomb or a rocket launcher. If you survive more then 2 minutes the army starts coming again.

Future plans:
Version 1.1 will probably have soldiers at the back of the army trucks.
JACK JONES commented 3 days ago:
I'm making some universal wanted level mod - which will add more vehicles (the police, SWAT, FBI, ARMY and maybe more personel will driving it). About your idea - I don't understand do you want just vehicles or just foot cops to be merged into one single WL star (or both)?
GTA_1981 commented 6 days ago:
My idea for the next (different) script: Make the law enforcement to be varied when dispatching. So for example in the original game, only the army will be dispatched to come after you (not counting on-foot cops & helicopters) at 6 stars. My idea is to make it so that SWAT teams, FBI agents and normal officers are still involved coming after you at 6 stars. You could make the army, SWAT, FBI and normal officers to have .25% chance each of being dispatched so that they'd have equal amount of chance of being dispatched. The same idea applies when you have 5 stars -- but FBI, SWAT teams and normal officers would have .33% chance of being dispatched. I hope I explained it well, if not tell me the confusing parts <img src=p" />
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
Done! Check your inbox.
undergroundvicious commented a month ago:
Ah perfect then. I'll wait for the mod.
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
Actually much faster. I've just found something usefull that would make the job a whole lot easier.
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
I'll do it in a few weeks...
undergroundvicious commented a month ago:
Well, my idea was always this: ADD the SWAT Tank and FBI Truck to the game. Originally, SWAT uses the Enforcer, and FBI the FBI Rancher. But my idea was to make SWAT and FBI use these vehicles without replacing the original ones. For example: SWAT appears ingame with a 3 wanted level, using the Enforcer. You could make SWAT use the SWAT Tank when the player reaches a 4 wanted level; FBI appears ingame with the 5 wanted level, using the FBI Rancher; You could make them appear using the FBI Truck on the 6 level wanted. Resuming: SWAT and FBI keep normal at 3 and 5 wanted levels, with the Enforcer and FBI Rancher; SWAT will use the SWAT Tank on the 5 wanted level and FBI will use the FBI Truck on the 6 wanted level. You could do this trick via coding - without models replacement. Another good idea would be have these vehicles parked on the police stations. Did you understand me? I don't know if I explained it very well...
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
What exactly do you want? 1) Without replacing a dff and txd (modeling files) or 2) Without replacing a car via coding way? Do you mean like adding some other car to the wanted level without touching the existed cars (like 2 vehicles at 5th or 4th star at once)?
undergroundvicious commented a month ago:
It would be cool to add these two vehicles (SWAT Tank and FBI Truck) ingame. It's a shame they're used only on missions (FBI Truck is used only on TTDISA, for example). If you could make them available ingame it would be just great - but without replacing Enforcer or FBI Rancher. Could you please make that?
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
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