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Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Apr 2014
Last Updated: 26 Nov 2014
Views: 13229
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.66666 (12 votes)
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Latest news: Bugs, crashes.. removed. The mod is ready for play and compatible with my STAR7 mod.

This is my 6th wanted level modification and it adds some new vehicles in pursuit (and also roadblocks):
3rd star - 2 vehicles - black rancher with desert sherif (this cop model was never used in the original game) and standard police car,
4th star - 2 vehicles - swatvan (with the swat driver, passenger and gunman on top) and the unchanged enforcer,
5th star - 3 vehicles - swatvan (with the FBI driver, passenger and gunman on top), fbitruck (with 2 FBI agents) and the unchanged FBI rancher,
6th star - 3 vehicles - patriots with 4 soldiers and unchanged barracks and rhino.

Unlike most of the mods with a purpose to add a new vehicle to the wanted level, this one uses the original ones and changes their models randomly. So the "new" cars will act exactly the same as the old ones (the police personel in the new cars will act slightly diferent - they will mostly try to eliminate the player, although they are also capable to arrest at some cases. The codes are open sourced so they aloud the players even with small experiance to modify it to their own wishes.

- Compatible with multiple versions (mostly supported by Sanny Builder) and also PL,
- The version which is not supported with this mod will not make any changes to the game,
- tested several times...
GTA_1981 commented a week ago:
Aside from that, I also discovered some serious bugs with this cleo script - the special forces that use unique vehicles seem to be invincible to everything except your attacks, and usually gang members will magically turn into cop/soldier models and receive their weapons when they fight one another. PS: Sorry for the terribly late reply.
GTA_1981 commented 2 weeks ago:
 QUOTE (JACK JONES @ 11:53, 20 Jul 2014)
I'm making some universal wanted level mod - which will add more vehicles (the police, SWAT, FBI, ARMY and maybe more personel will driving it). About your idea - I don't understand do you want just vehicles or just foot cops to be merged into one single WL star (or both)?
When you have 6 stars, the army will begin chasing you, and they will be the only ones to chase you by ground vehicles. Similar behavior can be seen when you have 5 stars - only FBI ranchers chase you on the ground. (but sometimes the local police with patrol cars still appear). Now to be more clear, my idea is to make all force (army, FBI, SWAT, and local police) to chase you in their respective vehicles on 6 stars (for variety's sake). Similarly on 5 stars, the FBI, SWAT, and local police will give a chase. So the point of the idea is that even if you reach higher stars than 4, say, 5, the SWAT and local police will not be replaced completely, instead they will still fight alongside each other.
FallenEarthBry47 commented 4 months ago:
great mod but there's a problem i have, when i try to spawn swat tank, the game crashes. it only does this with your mod because i removed your mod and tried again, it spawns and doesn't crash.
HilArius999 commented 4 months ago:
can you please add a hunter heli chasing you and shooting you rockets in 6 star? it would be great :)
JACK JONES commented 4 months ago:
I'm kind of busy these days so I don't have enough time. However I AM planing to make this mod better. So in the meantime please describe what kind of a problem you have by using these two mods together (mine and hide of cops v2 mod). That way I could easily find out what's the problem and remove it.
HilArius999 commented 4 months ago:
can you please make it compatible for junior's hide of cops v2 mod? this mod is great!
JACK JONES commented 5 months ago:
Can you make this compatible with junior djjr hide from cops v2 mod? I love this mod.
Describe the problem you have with these two mods together.  QUOTE
BTW it would be great if you add 8 soldiers in the barrack in level 6. :)
Have you ever tried my National Guard Mercenaries mod for San Andreas? There're 4 soldiers in every barracks truck at 6th star.
davis60 commented 5 months ago:
Can you make this compatible with junior djjr hide from cops v2 mod? I love this mod. BTW it would be great if you add 8 soldiers in the barrack in level 6. :)
JACK JONES commented 5 months ago:
Corrected. The next version will be easier for modifying since I'm planing to upgrade the "Hostiles" code to accept any changes someone made inside the "NEW WL SYSTEM code".
maurice96 commented 5 months ago:
You forgot to compile the road block fix.
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