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GTA San Revolution
Deus Ex parody for GTA SA
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Author: can2x
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 02 Apr 2014
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2014
Views: 2832
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Hello, all! Today I'm planning to make a DYOM mission for you guys. I'm going to make a Deus Ex parody. Maybe some of you ask "What's Deus ex?". Deus Ex is a stealth RPG Game developed by Eidos and Published by Square Enix. Ahem, here I will tell you some about the mod/mission.

Some day after CJ kill Big Smoke and Officer Tenpeny (during End of the Line), CJ want to check his business in Liberty City. CJ, Sweet, and Cesar go to LS Airport. Minute later, some unwanted forces come after him. CJ forced to fight them, and lure police attention. CJ make his way to the Runway. Sweet ask him to hurry leave the area, but the enemy kill Sweet by exploding a vehicle near him. Cesar call for backup while CJ go. But unfortunately, CJ is shotted by a Tranq dart. The battle end. Some hours later, CJ wake up in a strange place with some guard guarding the area. Few moment later, a man named Sherif come and introducing himself to CJ. Sherif offer some work to CJ. He say that he can revive Sweet if he work for him. The CJ is forced to work for him. After he is ready, he call Sherif for work. The sherif give him work, but first he need a disguise. Sherif also mention that his name is now CJ Denton. CJ go to the clothes shop for some stuff, and then return to Sherif. CJ's first task, is to steal an ID card in Caligula's Palace. After successfully steal the card, CJ meet Sherif to give the ID card. The Sherif reject and told CJ that he need this card for next mission. To be continued later . . .
Here are some of Character featured in this mod:
  • CJ as JC Denton
  • Sweet
  • Cesar
  • Sherif as David Sarif
More characters coming soon as I will continue the story
You will need some of these 'thing' to play this mod:
  • GTA SA with Cleo installed (of course)
  • DYOM
  • some sci fi model to replace the Police (optional)
  • some weapon mod and sound to make the mission more fun (optional)
I will tell you more as I continue building this Mod/Mission
Bug Fix
Bug already fixed (by myself)! Finally, I can continue this DSL Project! Yeah! Okay, maybe you may asking "how you fix the bug?" Okay, listen. I decide to make an 'alternative' intro. In the previous version, the player control CJ to drive the Cab from his mother's house to LSX (Los Santos International Airport). But in this version, the drive scene is cutscene (the player not control it). I don't know what cause this bug, so I remake the scene and finally, I did it!
Please support me by comment below, give me donation :D or help me to fix bugs (if any of them appear again), thanks. Also, sorry for my bad english ;)
Ronnie22-94 commented over a year ago:
Yeah alright :colgate:
can2x commented over a year ago:
Uh, I mean ... ... Ah, forget it!
can2x commented over a year ago:
It's not Deus Ex mission. I just make some mission with some refference to the Original Deus Ex and the Third game.
Ronnie22-94 commented over a year ago:
So this will be Deus Ex missions, i have played Deus Ex and Human Revolution only i didn't like the second one.Take some :cookie: :cookie: it sounds good by the way.
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