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military helicopter [VC] at 7th star
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Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 28 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 23 Aug 2014
Views: 9692
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (6 votes)
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gta3 STAR 7:
- no police helicopters,
- no pedestrians,
- KGB agents attack with M16 in black patriots,
- foot cops replaced with KGB agents with pistols,
- 7th star cheat is "EXTREME DANGER",
- star color remains the same (slightly different).

NOTE: After typing a cheat - fire a shot in the air - otherwise it ain't gonna work (it'll be fixed in the next version).

The mod adds an extra wanted level star - there're 7 stars now.
- Active stars have gold color, inactive have white,
- Type this cheat to get 7 stars immediatly: "Devil Up On Me" (not working inside pay&spray garage),
- Hunter attacks with misssiles at star 7.

Update to hunter helicopter:
- military helicopter will attack at 7th star,
- added the "explode particle" effect for "projectile hit ground" evant,
- for every destroyed hunter you get 1000$,

Credits: The main adresses for the extra stars was found by a coder and my friend - Ashwin.Star.

WIP: For gta3 and SA.

Video demonstration of the hunter attack available at the mod showroom topic:

Install: You must have CLEO for VC installed first, then extract files from the "compiled codes" folder to CLEO folder of VC directory.
ChaseTheBoss69 commented a month ago:
This mod is AWESOME !! :inlove: :turn: :rol: :D
JACK JONES commented a month ago:
Yes - can't you see the download link?
najee25 commented a month ago:
Great mod. Does it work for GTA3?
goodModsRcool commented 2 months ago:
Fantastic, a 7th star! Great mod! you get 5 star rating for sure on this one. and have some of these :cookie: :cookie:
Alan Biju commented 5 months ago:
[color=Black]Thank you for this mod thank you soo much Iam Waiting for this mod ! :inlove: :r*: Take these cookies : 100%:cookie: :lol: :alien:
GODOFGAME commented 5 months ago:
Hey Guys Look For GTA SA
Ashwin the new boy commented 6 months ago:
" don't use a "big bang" cheat - sometimes it can cause my code to crash the game" = i had something that don't let the Vehicle Explode even after bigbang Cheat, i think i had upload it in any of my mod, not in my Mind ATM, i'll tell you Soon
Ashwin the new boy commented 6 months ago:
My friend, If you have asked me, i had an address which hold the no. of stars to be shown. Nevermind, (PM)
JACK JONES commented 6 months ago:
Thanks Ashwin :). I was working on this project for almost 5 months. I tried multiple times to create an extra star but I failed badly. I just can't make the alpha texture of the extra star to become transparent. But still, I've finaly managed to finish the hunter code :sigh:.
Ashwin the new boy commented 6 months ago:
I must say, nice work up there JJ, i had some similar plans by making a 7th star, nevermind, you did really well
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