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Massive Hydra attack at 7th star
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Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.6
Status: Complete
Started on: 28 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 04 Feb 2016
Views: 30047
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (10 votes)
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This extra star mod was originaly meant to be only for GTAIII & VC. Later I decided to make it for SA... So why would you try this mod again when I already made it for GTA SA? Well, the original SA STAR7 mod have many problems such as: - all wanted level ground vehicles from STAR 7 were made by me and not by the game, - the mod has too many codes instead of just one [or two], - police boat patrols [predator - game created] are disabled, - wanted level 7 in the air is still the same - 2 hydras and police helicopter... So here's the improved version: - all game created vehicles are now enabled at 7th star (including WL boats), - there are no vehicles created by the script - everything is game related, - increased the maxWantedLevelChaos limit, - increased the limit of max HYDRA planes created by wanted level system, - if you're driving a car on the open road or somewhere else outside the cities (like rural areas, highways... ) only one HYDRA will attack your car [also game created], - only tanks will be present (army trucks will show up only on roadblocks), - instead of the NSA agents I bring back the soldiers again and not just in cars but also on foot, - if you go to the restricted areas like military zones or if you leave the town at the start of the game - you will get 7 stars, - max wanted level will always be 7, - standard cheats for wanted level are still active, however six star cheats like 'BRINGITON' will activate 7 stars, - besides them I added 4 new cheats: - STAR7 - STAR6 - STAR5 - CLEAR It's obvious what they do right? Install: Just extract all files from my archive into the modloader directory: mod loader NOTE: [If you're using the old version of STAR 7 mod for GTA SA then you should remove it]. GTAIII gta3 STAR 7: - no police helicopters, - no pedestrians, - KGB agents attack with M16 in black patriots, - foot cops replaced with KGB agents with pistols, - 7th star cheat is "EXTREME DANGER", - star color remains the same (slightly different). VC STAR 7
Install: You must have CLEO for VC installed first, then extract files from the "compiled codes" folder to CLEO folder of VC directory. Description: The mod adds an extra wanted level star - there're 7 stars now. - Active stars have gold color, inactive have white, - Type this cheat to get 7 stars immediatly: "Devil Up On Me" (not working inside pay&spray garage), - Hunter attacks with misssiles at star 7. Update to hunter helicopter: - military helicopter will attack at 7th star, - added the "explode particle" effect for "projectile hit ground" evant, - for every destroyed hunter you get 1000$,
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Jack commented 8 months ago:
I've just made a second version of star7.
CroatianStyle commented 8 months ago:
Im so sad that you didnt used Cargobob and Patriot for 7th star... Cargobob is that brown heli in area 51 right?If it ain't you know what do i mean tho.
Philipxnader commented 9 months ago:
1.0 otherwise all my other cleos won't work. I partially solved the problem anyway, raodblock fix.cs makes the game crash, so i'm not using it.
Jack commented 9 months ago:
That's probably because of the game version. Which one do you have?
Philipxnader commented 9 months ago:
I'm using it in SA, but the game crashes when i try to get any type of wanted level...
ggdfggsd commented 9 months ago:
:p Hey jack, can you PM me the code? only place I'll notice if ya send it to me. Or my gmail.
RobertDknini1702 commented 10 months ago:
Thank you so much my friend, your work is highly appreciated! :beerhat:
Jack commented 10 months ago:
Sure. I'll PM you the code soon.
TiTAN_AI commented 11 months ago:
cool mod, but can you do a separate mod that removes the tanks on wanted level 6, and replace them with Patriots ?
IVSA Team commented over a year ago:
Can you make the army soldiers and Vehicles available in Wanted Level 7, and can you fix the SAM Sites to the Cargobob well, We had the old version and we founded this bug too: When you shoot the pilot the Cargobob stills in the air. Add them to your work please :sigh: .
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Star 7 mod is now available for SA too. Draw distance problem is now fixed - vehicles won't disappear.

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