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Hunter Attack
military helicopter at 6 stars
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Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 28 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2014
Views: 6304
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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Mod description:
- Spent more then a minute in a six stars of wanted level and a military helicopter will attack you with missiles.
- There're 2 shooters on the wings (armed with rugers, bomb is a secondary weapon - not used by shooters but if you killed them they'll drop the bomb too)
- As always you can destroy the heli by hiting it with a projectile (instant explosion) or eliminating a pilot (heli will start spining around its axis, shooters will jump of the heli and shortly there after the heli will explode).
- When the pilot spots you he'll be pretty much aggressive towards everything and everyone on his way - the only thing he cares about is to eliminate you quickly so he'll fire plenty of missiles and you're gonna feel the ground shaking from the blast. So basicly the pilot acts like a mercenarie - he won't mind if he hit the civilian or a police ped or their vehicles.
- The best way to escape is to drive really fast and don't turn arround. Avoid all contacts with this enemy because it can easily ruin your mission by blasting you or your car with a high speed missile.
- In some cases the missile can hit really hard and throw yours or someone elses vehicle miles away, forcing it to explode and rotate.
- version 1.0 is finished but the mod is still under construction,
- this is a 5th wanted level modification made by me.

Mod disadvantages:
While the player is flying a helicopter or a plane, in most cases the hunter will not fire missiles but it will still be a serious threat if you're close enough because of the shooters.
- don't use a "big bang" cheat - sometimes it can cause my code to crash the game.

Video demonstration available at the mod showroom topic:

Install: You must have CLEO for VC installed first, then extract 2 files from the "compiled codes" folder to CLEO folder of VC directory.
Alan Biju commented 2 months ago:
[color=Black]Thank you for this mod thank you soo much Iam Waiting for this mod ! :inlove: :r*: Take these cookies : 100%:cookie: :lol: :alien:
GODOFGAME commented 3 months ago:
Hey Guys Look For GTA SA
Ashwin the new boy commented 4 months ago:
" don't use a "big bang" cheat - sometimes it can cause my code to crash the game" = i had something that don't let the Vehicle Explode even after bigbang Cheat, i think i had upload it in any of my mod, not in my Mind ATM, i'll tell you Soon
Ashwin the new boy commented 4 months ago:
My friend, If you have asked me, i had an address which hold the no. of stars to be shown. Nevermind, (PM)
JACK JONES commented 4 months ago:
Thanks Ashwin :). I was working on this project for almost 5 months. I tried multiple times to create an extra star but I failed badly. I just can't make the alpha texture of the extra star to become transparent. But still, I've finaly managed to finish the hunter code :sigh:.
Ashwin the new boy commented 4 months ago:
I must say, nice work up there JJ, i had some similar plans by making a 7th star, nevermind, you did really well
JACK JONES commented 5 months ago:
You have too many mods installed. Remove them all and use my mods only. Also the game crash could cause modeling error too. And you shoud really have some of the "error recovering" tool - I suggest SCRlog by the author Link2012. Btw I always test my mods before I release them - they work fine at my PC - especially "SWAT In the Air".
sgaa11 commented 5 months ago:
Bug Confirmed Confirmed: Helicopter related crashes is happen by one of NRShaggy's latest mode, something to do with by coding wise
sgaa11 commented 5 months ago:
Hope the minor beta testing works out Mr. Jack
sgaa11 commented 5 months ago:
Bug confirmed, Helicopter related mods will crash, when having mods like Mission Select or Vehicle spawn mods installed.
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