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Gta V To IV Package
Have a slice of Gta V in IV !
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Author: Sharing (Golak Mods)
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 2.2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2014
Views: 47012
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.73333 (15 votes)
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Gta V to IV Package V 2.2 brought to you by Sharing (Golak mods)

Have you ever wanted to have Gta V in IV? there is no need to look for it any more, now you can have features of Gta V in IV ! with this is a package you can have a slice of Gta V in IV and EFLC esp the radar/ mini map its like V moved to IV !

You might need to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 to run the script correctly:


* 3/15/2014 Update:
- Fixed minor bugs
- Fixed some crashing issues
- Changed blip calculation
- Added Gta V Graphics to IV V2.1
- Added Q & A

* 3/6/2014 Update:
- Added support for TLaD
- Added custom ini for the radar
- Added Gta Online Radar
- Added more blips
- Fixed radar transparecy
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed showing radar during cut scenes
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Changed flash light key to "L"
- Injury script is temperory removed

* 2/18/2014 Update:
- Added support for IV
- Added Liberty city map V style
- Added red effect when player is damaged (IV style not V style)

Things you will get in Gta V To IV package:
- Gta V radar/ Mini map
- Gta Online Radar/ Minimap
- Gta V crosshair
- Gta V text massage HUD
- Gta V purple way point
- Gta V Blips
- Gta V fight Anims
- Gta V Hiding from cops (Hide in bushes and behind the walls and... )
- Gta V vehicles accident Injury
- Gta V health Healing
- Gta V Fonts
- Gta V Weapons flash light
- Gta V Graphics
- Special abilitys
- 5 Wanted stars with gta V star textures

Squared map: XForceP, Sharing (Golak mods)
Radar and Special abilitys: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods), Julio NIB
Wanted stars: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods)
Liberty city map V Style : Sharing (Golak mods)
Other scripts: Sharing (Golak mods)
Textures: Sharing (Golak mods)
Fonts: TempleOfLight, Dhanuka8000
Gta V hiding: YourGrace (LordOfTheBongs)

Do not steal, Do not use in your mods without premission, Do not upload anywhere else without premission.

[email protected] or send me a massage in
minhtroller commented over 3 years ago:
Can you make these for san andreas plz.
LordOfTheBongs commented over 4 years ago:
i will slit your throat... in gta jk... jk... jk that im jk haha jk
ssalil commented over 4 years ago:
hey where you are all admin :furious: busy playing GTA:ONLINE :monocle:
gta4police commented over 4 years ago:
to all GTAGarage's admins, why you no approve files fast?
gta4police commented over 4 years ago:
Could you post it on Mediafire for immediate posting. Posting it on GTA4-mods will make you to walk on the Red Carpet of Modding!
gta4police commented over 4 years ago:
Could you post it on mediafire for immediate posting? Please also release it on GTA4-mods and then you will be walking on the Red Carpet of Modding!
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