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Duty Calls Mission Pack 1
Being a Cop has never been as tough as this.
Information Files
Author: WilliamJohnsonMissions
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 20 Feb 2014
Views: 2587
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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It's 1991, San Andreas is going through the biggest drug trade in history. You play as a cop called Officer Torrez a once SFPD Cop now LVPD cop. The town is heading for disaster as corrupt cops make their way to the top of the pile. It's up to you to put an end to the corrupt cops and drug dealers in San Andreas. You befriend a backstabbing cop named Bret whilst along your way to bringing justice to the city.
Major Characters Officer Torrez: Main Character (You) Officer Bret: Appears in part III (Antagonist) Officer Geralds: Bret's Sidekick First Appearance in Part III (Secondary Antagonist) Commander: Appears in Part III (Third Antagonist) Big Smoke: Appears in Part V, Recruits you into Grove Street and befriends you on the quest against crooked cops. Ryder: Appears in Part V, Befriends you on the quest against crooked cops. Sweet: Appears in Finale, Helps you Ryder, and Smoke defeat the LVPD. Minor Characters Cop Radio Lady: Appears throughout Part I Partner: Temporary character appears in Part I as a tutorial character. Don: Enemy encountered in Part II Capo: The Capo of the Mafia encountered in Part II Brian Johnson: Befriends you on the quest against crooked cops in Part V Leroy: Captures you in Part IV with the drugs with Officer Geralds Bitch: Enemy in Part III Getaway Partner: Chase down in Part III
Missions Included in Pack 1
Duty Calls Part i: Small Errands Duty Calls Part ii: Dealing with the Mafia Duty Calls Part III: Conversion to LVPD Small Errands is a Tutorial Mission which gives you 3 scenarios A Drug Den, a Group of Gangbangers and a Chase to deal with. Dealing With the Mafia is the hardest mission of pack 1, You have to chase down a Mafia Don From San Fierro to Las Venturas and raid his Casino. This is also the last mission where you are in SFPD Conversion to LVPD Is the easiest mission as it requires little to no effort to complete. Still Glitchy but i will work on it. In this mission you meet Officer Bret and the Commander.
Missions in Pack 2 (OUT)
COMING SOON! Duty Calls Part IV: Betrayal Duty Calls Part V: The Trailer Park Duty Calls Finale: LVPD Station Raid. Betrayal is about you being Betrayed by Bret and Officer Geralds (First Seen in Part III), And being fired from the Police Force. The Trailer Park is about getting revenge and killing Officer Bret at his trailer park you also Reunite with childhood friends Ryder, Smoke, and Brian. LVPD Station Raid is the final mission and features 40 Objectives in total Your Primary goals are to torch the Police Station and kill all the officers, and Kill the Commander and Officer Geralds. You have allies with you like Ryder, Smoke, and Sweet Johnson. This mission is extremely hard to complete without cheats.
Future Ideas for this DYOM Pack
I may also make a storyline version of this dyom so you can freeroam inbetween missions. It will feature an extra 10 missions so you have 16 missions in total
Additional Info
This DYOM Set was made with GRIMS WEAPONS VOLUME III using that weapon pack with this will make some sections easier and some harder. Please like my Ryder Fan Page on facebook:
WilliamJohnsonMissions commented over 4 years ago:
:turn: Screenshots added :) just need approving and currently working on pack 2. Still waiting for pack 1 to be approved if it isnt approved soon i will put it on mediafire.
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