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Extended Gang Wars
Fight with all gangs!
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Author: Silent
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2014
Views: 41381
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.91666 (24 votes)
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Extended Gang Wars
San Andreas introduced gang wars to the series. According to beta game screenshots and the game code, Rockstar at some point planned to allow the player to have wars with all gangs in game. However, in retail game the player would only be able to take over Ballas' and Vagos' turfs. This modification unlocks gang wars with all gangs (even the unused ones, if any modification makes use of them) so the player can quite literally take over an entire state. As SA doesn't load ASI files by default, you need an ASI loader. In case you don't have one (if you use any ASI plugin such as CLEO, you can skip this step), you can download a decent loader here: Rest of the installation is easy as pie. Just extract archive content to your SA directory and that's all. Make sure you check the INI! Showcase video Supported game versions
  • GTA SA 1.0 (all versions)
  • GTA SA 1.01 (all versions)
  • GTA SA 3.0 (Steam)
License As the following modification is open source, it's under the Silent's License. It means that the source code is for learning purposes, as all source code is. You may only use it for your own projects but NOT to recreate or build on the original work.
ZimnyKompot commented 5 months ago:
I liked this mod so much! Well for me it needs only Russians in LS and Mafia in LV also Bikers on country side
GrandTheftPinoy commented 9 months ago:
Please fix this :( My game crashed when I provoked the San Fierro Rifa members
mysterio89 commented 11 months ago:
can someone please tell me in wich folder should be savegame editor ... cuz I see only jar file to extract and install but I don't know how to do that
Bosnian Studios commented 11 months ago:
Can you make The Triads and The Aztecas friendly to the Grove Street Families, CJ, and eact other? I mean what was the point doing all the missions for Cesar and Woozie, then to get attacked by the same gang you helped? :r*: :/
mysterio89 commented 11 months ago:
I downloaded SA Savegame Editor 3.2 and why I need program jarfix for this ?? QUESTION is -> why must I download this program wich '' open .jar '' file and wich is into save game folder :blink: I saw on youtube only instalation and nothing else ... no jarfix or java program for save game instalation :blink: :blink:
OGTeto commented over a year ago:
s2n vaniish, how do you change the positions of gangzones? I activate GANG9 and GANG10 so I want to put them where I want to and I don't know any mod or script to do it :sui:
s2n vaniish commented over a year ago:
Unfortunately, my game crashes after I give the Aztecas gangs more territories. But overall great mod!
s2n vaniish commented over a year ago:
Unfortunately, my game crashes after I give the Aztecas gangs more territories. But overall great mod!
Silent commented over a year ago:
It's how R* made it, stock game has no Mafia territories. The mod is not adding any territories, it just marks them on the map and allows the player to take them over.
yoloman commented over 2 years ago:
Why there is no Mafia Territory? :/
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