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San Andreas Storyline Online
Single Player missions online!
Information Files
Author: yoshiandluigi3
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 31 Jan 2014
Last Updated: 15 Sep 2014
Views: 6054
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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Update: Please read the comments below
This is a modification for GTA: San Andreas that will allow you to play the story of GTA San Andreas with other people. It supports up to 20 players. You will be able to play through the entire story line of GTA san andreas with friends.

Heres some features ive gotten completed:
-Functional police, if someone has a wanted level police come after them. Police, Helicopters, SWAT Team FBI and Army are all functioning (And shoot the wanted person) and its possible to get 6 stars... So either help them murder all the cops or get away!

-Tested missions which are confirmed to work: Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendle, Ryder, Tagging Up Turf

-Cheats are turned off on purpose. Im sorry but i do not want some idiots using cheats for bad rather then good but in the future I MIGHT add support for some cheats,
like bringiton & rocketman (for example).

-Clucking Bell, Well Staked Pizza Corporation and Burger Shop are all working and restore your health.

-You CAN save the game online, and doing so will actually save a functioning save file playable in Single player, though it might have problems so its not recommended.

-If the server gets shut off the storyline restarts. (This is not fixable)

-Another barber shop problem - CJ does not walk out of the barber shop (Sometimes), but i coded it so it will force him out of the barber shop if it gets stuck.

-Eating at the food restaurants and dying at the same time crashes your game. This might be unfixable, but i might code it in the future so when you are buying something your invincible.

-CJ disappears when in the barber shop chair to other players.

-If the person who started a mission dies, the mission is failed, even though the others are still alive.
John Walker commented 8 months ago:
Hey man, Please put a link for download such as TransferXL.
Lightningfox-3360 commented 8 months ago:
Patiently waiting!
supernerd2000 commented 9 months ago:
Has anyone been able to fully play through the story with this?
kentpachi commented 10 months ago:
how to download?
yoshiandluigi3 commented 11 months ago:
Hi there everyone, I feel I should tell everyone this: Basically my old laptop finally gave in a few weeks ago. I had to buy a new laptop but unfortunately it doesnt seem like I can recover the files that I had for this san andreas mod, which means it has been delayed since I must rewrite all of the code. I apologize deeply and I should have a new version up soon. Its probably best anyways, since my old laptop ran Windows XP professional, and im not sure how well a program coded in Windows XP would work in Windows vista, 7, or 8/8.1. I expect a Christmas 2014 release, or at least before GTA 5 releases on PC. See you then.
Lightningfox-3360 commented over a year ago:
:D How's progress? I've been following this for a while. I wonder how it's coming along!?
yoshiandluigi3 commented over a year ago:
Its not dead, but its still being developed. More screenshots coming soon.
BassicalyDrunK commented over a year ago:
Hope this mod will not die, like other good mods, i mean it's like GTA Online for low pc :D
yoshiandluigi3 commented over a year ago:
Hello everyone its me, I just wanted to let you know that the development is still continuing and im still making all the stuff, but have had to move recently and havent gotten the comp set up yet. Im writing this on my phone but there was some major bugs I had to fix, but other then that this should be up within a few weeks or so. Be patient guys, its almost here :) On the bright side, I played half of the storyline with my buddy and it worked for the most part.
vivalaflam commented over a year ago:
cant wait to test it! im building a new pc cos my last one is really old, im just a month away from buying my new 8core processor... sounds really promising, will test it asap :)
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