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Stories HUD HD
Information Files
Author: HackMan128
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Jan 2014
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2014
Views: 9012
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.875 (8 votes)
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This mod is NOT for idiots who are thinking that I stole something.
If you like HUD from Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories, here it is. It's brand new version, it's not related to any other mods, only to old SA HUD. Stories HUD is including HD icons, elements and fonts, source code and release. More informations about license are included in ReadMe file.
Copy all files from Release folder to your copy of installed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City folder. Works with GTA Vice City version 1.0 Note for developers: You need DirectX 9 (Summer 2004) SDK to compile the source code. Headers and Libraries you can found here on last post. Project was compiled in Visual Studio 7.0
Changes and innovations:
  • Health bar is flashing when player has less than 20 health, armor too
  • Wanted Level Stars are flashing when wanted level is changing
  • Added sized Pluses to bars which depends to amount of health and armour
  • Added colors palette for bars, so user can easily change colors in txd file
  • Replay bug fixed, no errors anymore
  • Added camera weapon
  • HUD is hidden when game screen fade or player targets with weapon
  • More realistic HUD fading
  • Fixed bug with other texts on game screen
  • HD weapon icons (most) and HUD elements
  • More clear fonts
  • Version 1.1 include Car Health bar
  • Version 1.2 resolution and Widescreen fix
Special thanks to Spookie and Squiddy for their educational source codes, so I can understand how DirectX modding working, I hope you will understand it too if you like to learn about it.
Pythagoras commented 5 months ago:
Thank You Bro!! I'm in love with Vice City Now :inlove: A Five STAR For Yo' :D
Pythagoras commented 5 months ago:
Thank You Bro!! I'm in love with Vice City Now :inlove: A Five STAR For Yo' :D
TommyCJFaann commented 10 months ago:
Show a screenshot of the new HUD please, HackMan...
mehdiboumour commented 11 months ago:
Yeah, you are right Hackman, this mod is not stolen, the other mod have a swimming ability, and this mod does not have any ability.
HackMan128 commented 11 months ago:
Files removed because people thinking bad.
AtteraTotusSanctus commented 11 months ago:
HackMan128 commented 11 months ago:
Anyway, it's not VCS HUD, it's Stories HUD, you can replace bar colors.
HackMan128 commented 11 months ago:
Maybe, but my version is created from scratch on SA HUD.
darthvader20011 commented 11 months ago:
Wasn't made that VCS hud before?
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