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Cops Thrill Music
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Author: xXxbBb No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Dec 2013
Last Updated: 16 Sep 2014
Views: 8322
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (6 votes)
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Yo! I've stopped playing GTA for about 7 months now, but now all of a sudden I miss the game. So here's a new thrill music for those who said that the previous music sounds ridiculous because it's more like CJ is fighting for the country or something.

This mod will make cops chase seem more dramatic. It gives a thrill music when your wanted level (stars) is 2 and above. Thrill music will get more intense as your Wanted level gets higher and will stop when you lose your Wanted Level or you are wasted. In my opinion, it should look dramatic unless you cheat immediately on 6 stars.

I've found a bug where after having 6 stars reduced to 5 stars, two musics will be played at once. No worries. I've fixed it. just re-download the version you like. ;)

If you don't like this mod, please don't be rude. I'm only trying to help. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. If you wish to give feedback and suggestion, please do not hesitate to write on the comment page. If you are a coder and you can fix some bugs (if any), you're welcome to PM me. :)

If the sound quality sounds bad, just try playing with the mod first. If you try the music with your PC's music players, they may seem bad. I've formatted my computer and I tried the musics I just mixed with my PC's music player and they sounded awful, but in the game, the quality's quite good.

Also, I've tested it. When you have 2+ stars, if you lose the wanted level, either by getting busted, getting wasted, spraying your vehicles, cheating, etc, The game WILL NOT crash, and the music will stop (ending of the music). So if it crashes, it probably conflics with the other mods you installed

I do not own the music. All Music belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Music: "Strength of A Thousand Men" by Two Steps From Hell
Coder: xXxbBb

Music: "Ghost" by Linkin Park
(That's what I found in Youtube years ago. I tried finding it with Soundhound but it didn't know either. If anyone knows for sure, please tell me on the comment page.)
AndyC1992 commented over 2 years ago:
I tried both of the musics here, but both of them seemed unfit. However, the script is a huge step forward in the excitement of police chases.Since V do have its own various wanted musics, I'll try to make a set of these musics, starting with 'Mr. Philips'. :dozing: [ ] Just be noted that this isn't exactly perfect yet. I'm still trying how to, and most importantly, I do not claim the credit just because of the music.
RareFeline commented over 2 years ago:
This music is just ridiculous and way too 'over the the top'. I'm going to download it anyways though an see if I can change it to something more fitting. It will be for my own personal use though and I will not upload it anywhere.
xXxbBb commented over 3 years ago:
@GODOFGAME Sorry I've never even played Metal Gear Solid. :p
GODOFGAME commented over 3 years ago:
Can You Make SomeThing Like Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater :colgate:
xXxbBb commented over 3 years ago:
@mikerizio sorry, but it works fine on my computer. Maybe it conflics with other mods you installed? Sorry I just replied, too lol
mikerizio commented over 4 years ago:
If you get busted or killed with 2+ stars the game will crash. That sucks so bad cuz I lOve this mod - it's hilarious!
GODOFGAME commented over 4 years ago:
ZaCK.eXe Check Your Driver. :/
xXxbBb commented over 4 years ago:
lol right... It's just because I'm using superheroes skins that it seems like I'm saving the world :p But I was thinking the same thing too a while after I uploaded this. I thought I was the only one thinking about it. I'll try to make it when I have the time :D
Alstanbery commented over 4 years ago:
Don't get me wrong, this mod is great. But the music sounds like i'm saving the world, not going on a rampage. Do you think you could have a few folders with different music options to choose. Or better yet, have different song play randomly when going on wanted level?
xXxbBb commented over 4 years ago:
Nice :) Glad you like it.
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