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Cops Thrill Music
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Author: xXxbBb No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Dec 2013
Last Updated: 31 Dec 2013
Views: 2818
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)
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This mod will make cops chase seem more dramatic. It gives a thrill music when your wanted level (stars) is 2 and above. Thrill music will get more intense as your Wanted level gets higher and will stop when you lose your Wanted Level or you are wasted. In my opinion, it should look dramatic unless you cheat immediately on 6 stars.

I've tested this mod on my own PC and it works fine with no bug. But if there is a problem, please kindly tell me on the comment page.

If you don't like this mod, please don't be rude. I'm only trying to help. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. If you wish to give feedback and suggestion, please do not hesitate to write on the comment page. If you are a coder and you can fix some bugs (if any), you're welcome to PM me. :)

I do not own the music. All Music belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Music: "Strength of A Thousand Men" by Two Steps From Hell
Coder: xXxbBb
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mikerizio commented 6 months ago:
If you get busted or killed with 2+ stars the game will crash. That sucks so bad cuz I lOve this mod - it's hilarious!
GODOFGAME commented 7 months ago:
ZaCK.eXe Check Your Driver. :/
xXxbBb commented 7 months ago:
lol right... It's just because I'm using superheroes skins that it seems like I'm saving the world :p But I was thinking the same thing too a while after I uploaded this. I thought I was the only one thinking about it. I'll try to make it when I have the time :D
Alstanbery commented 7 months ago:
Don't get me wrong, this mod is great. But the music sounds like i'm saving the world, not going on a rampage. Do you think you could have a few folders with different music options to choose. Or better yet, have different song play randomly when going on wanted level?
xXxbBb commented 7 months ago:
Nice :) Glad you like it.
GODOFGAME commented 7 months ago:
In My Computer I Can Hear The Quality, I Like This Mod Looks Like Hitman 4: Blood Money.
xXxbBb commented 7 months ago:
Sure, thanks for your feedback. I'll try making it soon. :D
ZaCK.eXe commented 7 months ago:
I love the music but please next time make a better quality I give you 4/5 :cool:
xXxbBb commented 7 months ago:
Oh sorry... Maybe I lack the skills to make good quality musics. :/ I'll try making a better quality the next time I have time. Thanks for your feedback :D
mikros1 commented 7 months ago:
cool but the quality of the songs are bad, they are in 64kbps
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Higher quality audio
Higher quality audio will be uploaded as soon as the admin accepts my request for file-size limit increase. For now the audio should be good enough, though.

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