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ZombieZ II
some sick sh*t inside
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Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 3.55
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 24 Dec 2013
Last Updated: 11 Feb 2014
Views: 68986
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.875 (8 votes)
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ZombieZ II! v3.55
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Please don't push Like only if you have a request, love and support me as you shot a lot of my zombiez :)

+press F9 to start infection or go to the cemetery (hold F9 to cancel).

+there are three types of zombiez (perhaps more to come).
+-normal classic slow zombie
+-a slightly faster/stronger variation of the classic zombie
+-much stronger/faster mpZombie that kicks and uppercut the sh*t out of you! (besides biting you)

+the infection level will increase as you kill more zombiez and so will the difficulty (you can set the Infection Level to maximum to 6 by setting the IL in the code)

+zombiez will try to hit/bite/kick/punch and even KILL you!

+zombiez will gain health for biting you.

+zombiez will try to grab your car/helicopter. (feel free to shoot them off >;)

+after infection level 2 you start locating survivors
+-located survivors will follow and help you kill zombiez
+-located survivors will show you where they hid their stashes
+-located survivor's health will be indicated by his blip color

+after infection level 3 quarantine squads will be summoned that will exterminate all potential infection threats (kills every1 but cops)
+-at Infection level 6 they might carry rpg's!

+if you get infected you can try to survive as a zombie (or abort the infection)
+-your armor meter becomes your hunger meter, when its empty you start loosing health so you must feed in order to survive
+-you can bite people by facing them closely to fill your health/armor/hunger
+-hold jump to jump high while infected (must have armor, the more armor the higher the jump)
+-hold Sprint to jump further (hold both Sprint and Jump for max jump)
+-while not being hungry you will regenerate health

+-you can start/stop the red lightning by pressing F8 for that extra horror feeling (anytime, not only during infection)

+Hold 'R' inside vehicle to open the left front car door (briefly helps to knock off mofoz of that area)

+Hold 'T' to see the body count and infection level

*major stress tested these poor 143, 750 kbs and it seems bulletproof now! (but if you still find any bug please feel free to report as some bullets are bigger than others)

Have Fun! and feel free to scream your toughts! you want more mods and updates consider donating to speed things up, huge thanks to those who donated and supported, enjoy this free open source release! you made this possible :) also if any1 would make a good clips to put here i'll be ful of thank. * * * * * * * * * * * NOTE * * to the amazing ppl who make clips of this modest mod please keep in mind that the mod shows it's full effect * * * * * * * * *when Zombie Infection level reaches level 6 donate: ! IMPORTANT! although this is opensource, please don't use my name as a co-modmaker or partner! so instead writing "YourName & HippieCommunist" call it something like "my variation/version" and propertly credit and remember, respect is everything :) Big Thanks to TempleOfLight for his productive help and active support on the forum thread! *hat off* v3.55 -zombiez being re-infected fixed v3.54 -crash fixed (thanks again) v3.53 -cops behaviour and some minor adjustments made -zombiez not playing animations fixed -package appearing in impossible to reach spot fixed v3.52 -major stress tests passed (went irreversible on this hell raiser! :) -more optimization and polishing -more peds/cars on the streets v3.51 -'chocking' other mods fixed -disappearing peds fixed v3.5 -infection spreads as zombies bite civilians/cop -removed flashes -added ptfx to infected peds -added ragdoll seizures to infected peds -fixed the radio (only breaks during the infection) -fixed the jump to always work -added jump controls (sprint=far, jump=high) -wanted level grow with IL once infected -wanted level drops once stars go grey (no cop sees you) -replaced models with more common onces -many bugs fixed v3.33 -some -more -bugs -fixed v3.32 -can only high jump while having armor (not being hungry for flesh) -more armor means higher jump -survivor stash mission fixed -less health for stronger zombiez -various tweax v3.3 -infected player no longer looses control -player biting let go animation added -minor bugs fixed -random game crash fixed (tasks overload) -player being stuck fixed -some timing adjustments v3.25 -added jump while infected (hold jump while infected) -removed infecting biting key (just stand close and hold aim at who you wanna bite) -some more optimization v3.2 -weapons removed while being infected -some more adjustments v3.1 -cops ignore infected player fixed -minor adjustments v3.0 -become infected! -massive general overhaul -zombiez hit harder (and harder along with IL) -more varied zombie models+special ones -you are no longer the only target of the infection -wanted level is limited to 2 -added trip to hospital -added redlight -many bugs fixed v2.5 -added survivors -added quarantine squad -rescue package only given by survivors -cops help kill zombiez -even more dangerous zombiez -rewrote a lot of stuff -tons of bugs fixed v2.3 -more dangerous zombiez -faster code flow -police will help shooting zombiez -many fixes v2.22 -no standing after being infected/spawned zombiez -minor addjustments v2.21 -minor bugs fixed/fine tuning -reg zombiez wont dive (making them easier to run down) v2.2 -more zombies less memory needed! -no more appearing zombiez causing cars to disappear -see body count and IL while holdin 'T' -re-adjusted values/chances -more dangerous zombiez that do more damage -zombiez have less health -rock solid now! (teleport/helicopter/super speed stress tested it, try and crash it now) -weather might change on IL increase v2.1 -everything optimized :) v2.0 -reintegrated the old zombies back in! -cleared some bugs and adjusted distances v1.02 -cleaned and simplified the code to run smoother -made zombies easier and less frustrating -small bugs fixed v1.01 -death bug fixed -zombiez wont appear so close to the player -timing and general flow optimization -less chance that a zombie will jump/climb v1.0 -zombiez death bug fixed -zombiez more likely to get to you (even in narrow alleys) -some zombiez are armed! and will sloppy shoot slowly -weakest zombiez are now not fireproof -infection level resets to 0 upon infection shutdown (you can set it back in the code; search comment with " IL ") -a lot more ammo in rescue bags v0.99 -random scrambled bugfixing
BBoyRocks commented over 2 years ago:
How do I download this mod? I tried downloading it by downloading, drag the files to the desktop, then extracting the files, dragged the files to the GTA IV folder in SteamApps, then it won't work. Can someone tell me how to download it? Please?
5445 commented over 2 years ago:
I have idea why don't you add people to drive crazy to escape from the zombies? but nice mod i like it :cookie:
skulltheracoon commented over 3 years ago:
how do i install this?
Dustkiller commented over 3 years ago:
Damn mother f*cking awesome mod man!! i love it!! have a catbread :catloaf:
jossef456 commented over 3 years ago:
cool mod like always ! :happy:
justin147147 commented over 3 years ago:
don't know if you still care bout gta iv but is there a way to make this possible in Multiplayer? I really wanna play with my friend:/
justin147147 commented over 3 years ago:
don't know if you still care bout gta iv but is there a way to make this possible in Multiplayer? I really wanna play with my friend:/
PizzaDeli commented over 3 years ago:
I've found a issue, where i turned the red light off before starting, and it worked fine. Then it came back on when i started infection, and when i tried to turn it off, everything but minimap went black. I also deleted the "RedLight.CS" file before i saw you could turn it off, but i added it back soon as i learned to cut it off.
HippieCommunist commented over 3 years ago:
thanks a bunch!
Habbrow94 commented over 3 years ago:
Good Work Buddy! :D
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