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Coords For GTA3
Coordinates for GTA3
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Author: No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: CD
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 08 Nov 2013
Last Updated: 08 Nov 2013
Views: 5384
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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All credit goes to GTA_SA-VC_GUY

I made this because I couldn't find a mod that showed coords for GTA3.
All I did was adapt GTA_SA-VC_GUY's San Andreas mod to GTA3.
All I did was change the opcode numbers to make it work for GTA3.
(side note: GTA3 doesn't have interiors)

Text display is pathetic at the moment, but it's better than nothing.
GTA3 doesn't use the same text formatting method as VC and SA.
If anyone cares to improve the text display feel free to do so!
I used the 4 number stunt bonus text format as a temporary hack.
Doesn't display decimal fraction.
Distance is X
Height is Y
Flips is Z
Rotation is z_angle
thehambone commented over 3 years ago:
I fixed the coordinates display text to only show X, Y, Z, and RZ coordinates. It no longer uses the insane stunt text. How can I upload my changes?
commented over 4 years ago:
GODOFGAME: Don't worry.
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