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GTA V Style Minimap
Gta V Minimap for GTA SA
Information Files
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v2
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Nov 2013
Last Updated: 20 Jan 2014
Views: 95077
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.06667 (15 votes)
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GTA V Minimap for GTA SA
GTA V Minimap and HUD for GTA San Andreas with Alexander Blade's IV HUD custom settings and textures All latest versions in the Description with Mediafire links Diferent versions of this mod
GTA 5 Minimap with Police HUD GTA V Minimap & HUD "SP & MP edition" If you have problems with health and armour bars let me know (because those bars can be not correctly with all screen resolutions) probably i fix this. All mods with "Transparent HUD" Special thanks for making HUD - Alexander Blade - in45do - DK22Pac - Wesser - TheJAMESGM
HunterHunted commented 4 months ago:
(To didko2209 and all the user who are facing problems while usinh this mod on SA:MP Or MTA )This hud is not compatible with SA:MP or MTA(Multi Theft Auto)Its only compatible with Single-player. If want it on SA:MP or Mta.Use Fixed Graphical Hud mod MP edition. :)
HunterHunted commented 4 months ago:
Hud is too small!Make it a little bit big! :angry: :angry: :devil: :devil: :devil:
minde95s commented 6 months ago:
GTA V hud by DK22Pac Get it now All useful links in the description. :D
didko2209 commented 6 months ago:
Hello. I did everythink as it have to be, but it's not working :/Can you help me? Any suggestions? I posted a link :) GTA SA GTA V HUD doesn't work
ezra pratama commented 7 months ago:
help :bored: after install it, my gta crash and say "gta 1v asi error " how to fix it ? i want my gta back
minde95s commented 10 months ago:
Install Cleo mods or Silent's ASI Loader to make this mod work.
BrunoMC commented 11 months ago:
I put this mod in my gta sa but don't work Look:
mystery-house commented 11 months ago:
for christ sakes pls make a sami package (san andreas mod installer) just like the new great effects has its installer with sami. pls!
valkrye28 commented over a year ago:
can you make slow motion like gta v with radar yellow :/
valkrye28 commented over a year ago:
can you make slow motion like gta v under radar :/
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