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Omni-directional Flying
Fly in all directions-SA
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Website: http://
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: CD
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Nov 2013
Last Updated: 16 Nov 2013
Views: 3753
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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v20131116 for San Andreas

Fly around faster than the jetpack in all directions in noclip mode.
Also has turbo mode and teleport to map marker.
Unlike the mod teleport to marker, this one only changes your XY, you retain your interior and Z values.
modification by Hypersonic

vertical drift compensation (for CJ and his car)

[turret/spec left]	compensate down
[turret/spec right]	compensate up

On foot

[action] button to activate/de-activate flying mode
[forward][back][strafe left][strafe right] is horizontal control
[sprint] is turbo
[jump] is fly up
[crouch] is fly down
[target] press this to turn CJ instead of the camera while moving mouse
[look back] teleport to map marker

In car (now you can play Space Taxi in San Andreas!)

[horn] button to activate/de-activate flying mode
[gas][brake/reverse][turn left][turn right] is horizontal control
[handbrake] is turbo
[turret/spec up/down] is fly up/down
[secondary attack] press this to turn CJ's car instead of the camera while moving mouse
[sub-mission] teleport to map marker (I should change this as it would mess up taxi missions... )

example fly controls

A: fly up (onfoot [jump] incar [turret up]
Z: fly down (onfoot [crouch] incar [turret down]
E: fly forward (onfoot [forward] incar [gas])
D: fly backward (onfoot [backward] incar [brake/reverse])
S: fly left (onfoot [strafe left] incar [steer left])
D: fly right (onfoot [strafe right] incar [steer right])
Space: fly turbo (onfoot [sprint] incar [handbrake])
Tab: onfoot: activate fly [action]
Capslock: onfoot: teleport to marker [lookback] incar: activate fly [horn]
Mouse2: turn mode (onfoot [target] incar[secondary attack]
num+: incar: teleport to marker [sub-mission]

Change interiors

Cycle through 0-18 interiors using [PREVWEAP] and [NEXTWEAP] while in fly mode (not in car)

Use coords to see your coords and interior#


To get car off the ground deactivate and reactivate (it'll place you 10meters up)
Currently the speed is framerate dependent (go faster with frame limiter off), on a later version I might change this

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