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SF Gangland
Ever wished the Hoods were all there in SF?
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Works with: GTA San Andreas 
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Started on: 01 Oct 2013
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2013
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This one will be a little more Varied.. Instead of just SA gangs I will also do one based on Real Gangs in SF... I will also be using the Stripped SCM with this aswell so no story missions
*thanks to Jeansowaty for some of the Location Ideas and Names
The Flats (Ballas) - Controls parts of Queens, and Kings... wars with Killer Hills
Killer Hills (Grove) - Players Gang, Runs Juniper Hills
Marabunta Grande (LSV) - Can be found in the hashbury district, wars with Rifa
San Fierro Rifa (SFR) - Controls all of the Garcia District and part of Doherty... can also be found in battery point along with the Loco Syndicate...
Shining Razors (DNB) - Carries cleavers and pistols... Controls most of Easter Basin
Butterfly Children (Mafia) - Carries Butterfly Knives and pistols... Can be found on the Esplanade
Red Gecko Tong (Triads) - Controls Palisades and Ocean Flats
Mountain Cloud Boys (VLA) - Can be found in Calton Heights, China Town
Blood Feather Triad (Unused 9) - Found in Juniper Hollows
Loco Syndicate (Unused 10) - Controls Battery Point and is found near the drug factory of Doherty along with Rifa...

To give yall an Idea about how Bay Area Blacks are different than LA blacks... They dont Rep colors, they are more about Turf... And they carry everything from M4s to Pistols

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