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Drift with any car ;D
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Author: anilture No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 19 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2013
Views: 14719
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.33334 (12 votes)
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Drift.cs Allows you to drift with any vehicle you want (as long as they are fast), just hold shift while driving and start steering ! In order to use it well enough, you need to play around with it for some time, and get habit of it. Download link : (sorry for this but moderators didn't even care about approving this mod and didn't reply to me either) Version 1.0 Version 2.0 Known bugs : Can not drift on mapped grounds. The ground must be from original gta map, not any server maps. EDIT : Updated to version 2.0 ! :D In version 1.0, the car was jumping from time to time. With version 2.0, the car doesn't jump anymore and provides a drift even more smooth. Happy drifting, xzytro.
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commented 9 months ago:
:D Yay! I just made an account to post my happiness
commented 9 months ago:
You should probably use cleo 4, to make sure it will work. About the download link, the moderators don't even care about this damn thread. I will put the link in the description instead.
commented 9 months ago:
hey thx with that mod its work for cleo 3 or 4 :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky:
commented 9 months ago:
Can you put the link in the description ? :wtf:
commented 10 months ago:
This looks amazing, but it's been over a month and the moderators have not approved this?
thien269 commented 11 months ago:
cmon admin approve this! :devil:
anilture commented 11 months ago:
Wtf, 600 views already and still the file ain't approved by an admin.
Deep Cool commented 11 months ago:
Hey bRo i yhink you HAV tAKen The idea FOrm NfS MW Then Alo cool AnD tHNkS FoR THE MoD :/:bored: :devil:
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Updated to Version 2.0
Due to the fact that the car jumps from time to time right after pressing Shift, the cleo has been updated and now offers a drift which is more challenging.

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