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San Andreas State Prison
Information Files
Author: Alex_2259
Files have been uploaded and will appear online shortly
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 30 Dec 2014
Views: 17352
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.42857 (7 votes)
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First of it's kind in single player, a large state prison map with an interior that includes a gym, cafeteria, snack bar, game room, cell block, guard areas and many other objects. It includes a large exterior yard with many details to give it that confining feel.

It now includes a LS County Jail (Was going to be seperate, but I accidentally merged the IPL files so why not just throw it in there too.

Added LS County jail

Separated the map from the CARTER warehouse, it was once inside the warehouse itself, which would make the single player impossible to complete, and cause instability.

Removed the ENEX marker leading into the prison: There is still an ENEX for the county jail, which works fine. I replaced the one for the prison with a CLEO script, which is much more stable. I tested it 20+ times and got no crash at all.

Added detail (Lights, vents and other misc objects)

Replaced the benches in the prison with better looking ones

Removed lobby and other things that were nice, but caused instability.

Stabilized the entire map by giving it a new interior number par with that of the CARTER warehouse.

Added security cams in the yard and interior.

Modified the gym a little bit.

Replaced the 2nd caf with a game room.
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osama toto commented 2 months ago:
dear admin... the download isnot starting pleas solve this proplem :evilgrin:
batuhan1000o commented over a year ago:
Now this mod deserves some stars :D 5 oh btw i saw one of the interiors on the internet like 1-3 days ago ? is this mod yours ? Btw its like Fox River State Peblahblah ! :D:D awesome
Alex_2259 commented over a year ago:
Does the mod run ok?
darthvader20011 commented over a year ago:
And I have more ideas: Instead of tunnel from Portland make a dock (from LCS, that place with humans protesting (here i dont need peds), before making tunnel), Toni (Protagonist of LCS)s house enterable, in construction bridge from Portland (from LCS too :) ), Red Light District safehouse (from GTA 3) enterable, Mommas restaurante (before Ciprianis restaurante) (LCS), and at Marcos Bistro some opened doors (The toillet and that place from Intro of Vice City).
darthvader20011 commented over a year ago:
I'm glad to hear that! I don't need peds, only the city or half of him.
Alex_2259 commented over a year ago:
There is a download in the youtube video, just look up San Andreas State prison. I PMed you a link to another download, I can't post it here because that is against regulations. As for your request, That doesn't sound too hard exept I won't be able to add the NPCs and cars.
darthvader20011 commented over a year ago:
Good! Can you post a temporarely download link? And I have a request. If you can make Portland Island from GTA 3, or only half of him, replacing that hidden LC interior from San Andreas, but with all from San Andreas' hidden LC Interior Marco Bistro' s building interior and exterior and an entrance from Los Santos Airport to here, it will be the best and the first Portland map in San Andreas without replacing current map. Sorry for my english, i'm romanian.
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The map has now been fixed, optimized and stabilized. I fixed the following problems. - Prison ENEX marker unstable - Invisible objects in prison map - Crash - Inaccurate readme

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