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GTA 10th Anniversary Edition
Converting 10th Anniversary Edition to PC
Information Files
Author: champion2001
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2013
Views: 11522
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.28572 (7 votes)
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Features of the update *Bug Fixes *Improved quality textures *Fixes corrupted data *Some model improvements *Double Cleff FM radio station with extra "O Mio Babbino Caro" song from PS2 version *Unlocked camera *Removed modded american.gxt, restores to original. *HD Claude ( Does not require modded player model ) *Automatic CLEO installation *New installer for iOS-based version *txd.img corruption patch *ENBseries *More features listed below! The update maybe separated into a few updates due to the large size of the update. After purchasing Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary Edition from both Google Play & Apple App Store and played them, I found that the graphics, models, chracters are better that PC, PS2 & even Xbox! For example the mobile version have lesser fog that current all versions of GTA 3, same textures & models as Xbox, HD HUD & so on. So I submitted this mod and began working on it, hoping more people would help me with this mod! This mod will be based on the iOS version, newer devices like iPad 4, since it uses Xbox textures, so the mod will include Xbox vehicles, textures & so on that 10th Anniversary has, but it's not a replica of the Xbox mod. Now the mod has two versions of 1.0, one based on Android & another based on iOS version, the iOS version will have more changes that the Android version, for example Android based version will use original PC models while iOS based version will use Xbox models. Although some features cannot be ported to the PC version, such as touchscreen controls, but we did our best to 'port' the game back to PC.
Temporary links
iOS Based 1.0 + TXD Patch Android Based 1.0 BETA 1
VIDEO footages
Footage of 1.0 ( Android-Based )
Updates on iOS-based version
1. Download & install one of the versions 2. If you use iOS-based version and the installer gives an error, install TXD patch or the game will not work.
1.0 - ( RELEASED ) - 10th Anniversary Edition vehicles texture - HD vehicle wheels - Improved game graphics and effects - Remake of 10th Anniversary Edition menu - Modified 10th Anniversary Edition Intro movies - High quality 10th Anniversary Edition loadscreens - HD 10th Anniversary Edition HUD ( Provided by Anonymous ) - .exe installer for Windows users - 10th Anniversary Edition buildings and objects - High quality textures - Less fog - 10th Anniversary weather - Road Reflection Fix ( Provided by SilentPL ) - High Quality Radio Stations - Redesigned exe installer - iOS version vehicle models ( iOS-based only ) - iOS version character models ( iOS-based only ) - Enhanced graphics based on iPad 4 graphics ( iOS-based only ) - Redesigned exe installer ( iOS-based only ) - 10th Anniversary 'Trail' Lights ( iOS-based only )
champion2001 - Leader, texture converter SPMODS - IMG Editor ghpranav - EXE complier Jaxsonp10 - Steam BETA tester tanjiaxin2003 - Windows BETA tester MasterK - ENBseries tweaker/tester SPECIAL THANKS TO: Anonymous- For providing the HUD & CLEO script ( Modder does not want to be publicly known ) Seemann & Alien - For developing CLEO SilentPL - For providing Reflection Road Fix Jevon - GXT Editor Boris Vorontsov - For developing ENBseries
F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: Will CLEO be used? A: Yes. Q: Will ENB series be used? A: Yes Q: Is it compatible with Windows & Mac OS X versions? A: Yes, however some features may not be compatible with Mac OS X. Q: Is it compatible with No-CD cracks? A: Yes, tested on Windows based PC Q: Is it compatible with Steam version? A: We are not sure, but you can try it. Q: How can I help? A 1: Providing suggestions A 2: Joining the team & develop the mod together A 3: Provide relevant mods that can improve this mod A 4: Provide original files of GTA 3 10th Anniversary Edition ( iOS version preferred ) A 5: Provide original files of GTA 3 Xbox ( Not the mod ) Q Do I have to start a new game? A: No, but I would suggest you start a new game to experience all the features of the mod Q: Can I reupload the mod? A: Only if you ask for permission from one of the members of the team. Q: Do I need an ASI loader? A: No, GTA 3 can load ASI scripts by itself even without the help of CLEO or an ASI loader Q: Is ENBseries compatible with Mac OS X? A: Some yes, some no. You have to try it yourself :D Q: I found some bugs, what can I do? A: Inform us of the bug. Q: Will there be a Vice City version? A: Yes, but it is currently in pre-alpha stage Q: My game crashed at the startup videos, what to do? A: Update your video card drivers A: A fix will be provided in the new update Q: When will the update be coming? A: Maybe the end of September or early October 2013
List of supported game versions
Windows 1.0 exe Windows 1.1 exe (unverified) Mac App Store 1.0 If you have any version of the game working with the mod( fully or not ), please inform us.
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