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GTA SA : Rectangular HUD
Settings for Alexander Blade's IV HUD
Information Files
Author: in45do
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: SP, MP
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2014
Views: 81138
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.77359 (53 votes)
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This HUD settings is the brand new for Alexander Blade's IV HUD. 'Maybe' this settings look like GTA V HUD. Look at the screenshots!
I make 2 different version of the HUD, so you can choose which one is your favorite! The usual HUD settings is already exist in both version of the HUD. (It's best to use Multi Player Edition when playing SA:MP)
I've made new HUD that match for your different graphics condition. It's called graphical HUD, you can download it if the old HUD are too big or ugly.

Please everyone who want to publish it, ask my PERMISSION FIRST!
(I will add a link where all FAKE AUTHOR claim my mod)
(Note: THEBOSS always be the stealer, so if you seen a mods with his name it's 100% stolen)

Video tutorial made by ThxIvanithox and Dede Yonata :
This is usual HUD settings : - Fixed rectangular radar! (Thanks to DK22Pac and Wesser) - New Blood texture around the HUD! - Rectangular HUD! (Misc) - Rectangular shape for health bar! - Rectangular shape for armor bar! - Bonus: 5 star wanted level system! - Bonus: IV blips (latest version)! Single Player Edition : - Rectangular shape for special ability bar! - New parachute bar position! Multi Player Edition : - Only have health and armor bar! - Old parachute bar position. New! Graphical HUD : - Smaller HUD - New phone texture ( IFruit ) - HQ Health bar - HQ Armor bar - HQ Special ability bar (SP Version) - Smaller altitude bar - Smaller radar centre If you had a crash or the HUD is buggy for example: It only result square radar but the HUD doesn't appear to be rectangular or the radar still circular, follow these solution : 1. Try to download Silent ASI Loader and put DLL files into your GTA SA directory. 2. Open Main.ini from folder GTA_IV_HUD, change ChechExeVersion = 1 to 0. Note: *There is a reason why I keep the old parachute bar position, it's because I don't want to screw the fun when playing SA:MP (San Andreas : Multi Player), if you falling with parachute or flying with vehicles, it wouldn't block your radar. *Special ability bar is more like armor bar. *New wanted level system, maximum is 5. If you want to publish the mod, please ask my permission first and make sure keep the readme file originall! (don't edit the readme file) Please comment and rate the mod! Thank you!
Takahiro855 commented 2 weeks ago:
here's a screenshot, [On the upper left corner there's the oxygen bar :/]
Takahiro855 commented 2 weeks ago:
nvm i think i realize the purpose of the yellow bar it's like an Extended armor :/
in45do commented 2 weeks ago:
@Takahiro855 Can you post a link to the screenshot? I think this HUD is working to everybody.
Takahiro855 commented 3 weeks ago:
i mean Yellow and Blue are the same as armor Isn't it supposed to be Like Blue = Oxygen Yellow = Armor? :o
Takahiro855 commented 3 weeks ago:
Health Bugged: Mixed with Green and Blue Please Fix It
GODOFGAME commented a month ago:
Hey in45do If You Want Only 5 Stars In GTA SA, I Can Made That Mod For You, Well If You Want. :D
erxul_fachri commented a month ago:
Ok makasih sob... Sekarang saya tanya lagi nih... Apa bedanya SP Edition dan MP Edition? Kalo ada hud yang mapnya mirip banget seperti GTA V itu yang radarnya miring plis kasih tau saya... Saya menginginkan itu selama berbulan2. :/
Cruddy177 commented a month ago:
Hi there, I'm having some problems installing the HUD, i don't really know how to do it, i just put the files inside my gta sa directory, But it's still buggy (the radar is rectangle but the HUD is still a circle) :nervous: . Help me fix this, I alredy tryed to install the Asi loader or wathever it is the name and change that thing to 0 inside the main.ini. Do I need cleo to installm it? pls Just HELP ME I really love this mod. And by the way... This mod it's just perfect, congratilations. Hope you keep doing more thinks like this. See 'ya :nervous:
in45do commented a month ago:
Mulai dengan opcode 023C, mengisi karakter spesial dengan inisal misalkan 'CESAR' sebagai (urutan karakter spesial/seperti daftar/ angka bebas dari 1-10) 5 misalkan. Lakukan ekstra cek dalam model tersebut. Untuk info lebih lanjut bisa menuju ke CLEO tutorial by ZAZ (Tema : Special Actor) :cool:
erxul_fachri commented 2 months ago:
gan. kenapa setiap pake script SPECIAL ACTOR itu selalu freze/crash? :dozing: :dontgetit: mohon bantuannya... :D
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