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in GTA 4 by Michael Wojtanis
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Author: Michael Wojtanis
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Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.00
Status: Complete
Started on: 17 Jul 2013
Last Updated: 29 Aug 2013
Views: 12220
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.72727 (11 votes)
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Hi. You do not like switching weapon in GTA 4?
I just change it. From GTA 5 gameplay i just made same HUD weapon switching.

Version 1.00 OUT
Added a option to switch weapons like in MaxPayne 3. [with scroller on mouse]
Added options to disable / enable effects: bullet time, a 'dark world' and black rectangle background for HUD.
You had a problems with switching HUD and changing the Radio Station? You can disable switching in vehicles.
You can change the HUD size, the font size, the names of weapons, icons of them and other things.

Have fun!

If You want more add me in Facebook :
Also You can find me on YouTube:

Download: "".

Video from 1.00:
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