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GTA III, GTA VC Airbreak
Why not?
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Author: gtaloconbest98 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Jul 2013
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2014
Views: 4752
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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Remember the famous Airbreak mod for GTA SA?
After trying this mod I am very impressed and feel like converting to GTA VC, III is a must.The author knew it

Always dream of something like that in GTA VC, III? Now you got it.
GTA VC:You can freefly in a pleasant way.Want to catch up with an airtrain, deaddodo, or the NPC heli?Rob a store and get surrounded by cops, you are on foot and a lot of soldier are coming after you?
Forget the wacky dodo, forget the unflyable heli(or the modded lookalike heli that control like a dodo)Always want to go to Staunton Island or Shoreside Vales early without the use of uncomfortable method?Or are you just too tired from trying to use the Rhino, flying car cheat to get to these place ?
Your problem is now over

Bike issues fixed IJLM control fixed Ability to save/load current position by using 0/9 Car can now turnable :P All game should use Classic control setting Control Z + X Active Airbreak IJLM Go up down left right WSAD Control Height and rotation 0/9 Save/Load current position (teleport) Note:If you're using Advance Control setting you can't rotate by using A and D instead use the mouse to rotate the player Press 9 (load) while not having any save point(using 0) will teleport you to the middle of the map Credit: IncaWarrior for making the great mod
commented 3 months ago:
GODOFGAME: Now I Can Go Out From The Water. :D
commented 5 months ago:
Hey that's me! Nice, I wonder when it is going to get approved...
commented 5 months ago:
wow cool, i'm waiting
gtaloconbest98 commented 9 months ago:
It look like some sort of teleport mods but I glad that your script and mine are different :)
DimZet13 commented 9 months ago:
gtaloconbest98 commented 9 months ago:
 QUOTE (DimZet13 @ 10:09, Today)
I created for gta3. But i fly how on jetpack. Not ignore wall. You can find "Scripts D-box#4" on my site.
hey yo can you give me a link to your site?I can't find the script d-box and this site isn't English :/
DimZet13 commented 9 months ago:
I created for gta3. But i fly how on jetpack. Not ignore wall. You can find "Scripts D-box#4" on my site.
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