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Import/Export Cars
Import/Export Vehicles respawn + extras
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Author: Jonathan6506
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.9
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Jul 2013
Last Updated: 06 Jul 2013
Views: 3251
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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This mod makes all Import/Export vehicles stay in its place, even after you export it. The vehicles are not triggered with alarms or even locked. Just look at the screenshot to find the Import/Export vehicles.
Update Version 1.1: Added 2 extra cars: Phoenix - Parked in Easter Basin Docks and Hotknife - Parked in Wang Cars parking lot. Update Version 1.2: Added 2 tuner cars that were not in Wang Cars: the Jester and Flash. Update Version 1.3: You can have the Phoenix, Hotknife, Jester and Flash (they will spawn in the same place) in one file. Update Version 1.4: Added all 3 Monster Trucks in the parking lot front of Zero's RC Shop. Update Version 1.5: Added a Huntley and Landstalker in the top of Mount Chiliad (near the flag), and a Banshee in the front of The Four Dragons Casino. Update Version 1.6: Added a Turismo and Bullet with special plates in Doherty Garage. Update Version 1.7: Added a Comet in Verdant Meadows Airport, a Cheetah in Santa Maria Beach, my favorite car (dark green Banshee with special plate) in Ganton and an Elegy in Catalina's cabin. Update Version 1.8: Added 5 cars in Jizzy's Pleasure Domes: Hustler, Infernus, Alpha, Windsor and Jizzy's Broadway. Update Version 1.9: Added 5 cars in Caligula's Casino (Sentinel, Admiral, Stafford, Merit, Sunrise) and a Hunter in the Emerald Isle Helipad. Update Version 2.0 (coming soon): Added a 'Lure' Rancher in Woozie's Apartment, a Green Sabre (the car used by Ballas to kill CJ's mom), a SWAT Tank in front of your safehouse in Paradiso, San Fierro, an Elegant in Cathay Theater, Los Santos, an Infernus in Prickle Pine and a Feltzer inside Smoke's crack palace. (Note that you have to complete 'End of The Line' first to obtain the Feltzer)
Known Bugs: In Version 1.5, the Landstalker doesn't spawn in the top of Mount Chiliad, due to wrong coding. I had fix it. Please download the Version 1.5 Fixed Version. The plates only appear occasionally in the Turismo and Bullet (Version 1.6), and in my Banshee (Version 1.7).
Jonathan6506 commented 9 months ago:
Download version 1.3. All the cars have been combined in there.
gtaloconbest98 commented 9 months ago:
 QUOTE (gtaloconbest98 @ 15:05, Today)
why don't you combine all your 'extra car' mods into one instead??
gtaloconbest98 commented 9 months ago:
why don't you use combine all your 'extra car' mods into one instead?? [sorry for spam but I accidently comment again]
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