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GunMods Five-O Bribe
Works on STEAM version!
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Author: gunmod No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.30501
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 May 2013
Last Updated: 02 May 2013
Views: 3161
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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GunMod's Five-O Bribe Mod/Script
Version 1.30501
VB Script for Grand Theft Auto IV
Tested on: GTA IV on STEAM

This mod allows the player to bribe the police (imagine he sends the payment
over the cellphone through Paypal or some other money wire service) so the
police (Five-O) will leave him alone for a short while.
Anytime Niko is being chased by the police/swat/transit authority/FBI all Niko
has to do is hit the END button and he will wire $1000 to the local LCPD and
those crooked cops will call off the current chase or action against him for a
more "important" call.

Be aware that anytime Niko hits the END button, he will instantly forward $1000
of his hard earned money to LCPD even if he didn't mean to.
No refunds for "donations" to the Policeman's Ball!


1) Make sure you have an up to date ASI Loader for GTA IV installed.
2) Make sure you have a Scripthook ASI/DLL installed, which should have made a
scripts folder in your GTAIV folder. If for some reason it did not, verify that
you installed it correctly or that other *.vb scripts already work, and make a
scripts folder if needed.

3) Simply place the GunMods5OBribe.vb in your GTAIV\scripts folder.


When in-game, wait until you have at least a wanted level of 1 star or more,
then press the END key on your keyboard ONCE, and all police actions should
stop within 2 seconds.


If you are planning on doing several illegal actions within a few moments of
each other, wait until you have committed all the crimes that you will at that
moment, then wait until you absolutly have to send the bribe.
Any illegal actions witness after the bribe is accepted will cause the police
to re-engage you (aiming a gun at them, colliding with thme in your car, etc)
So make sure you put your gun away and are not commiting any crimes at the
moment, then call in the bribe.

I advise that Niko only use this service when he has tried all other evasion
techiniques and is about to get arrested.
As soon as the money is wired (as soon as you hit the END key) you will get a
message in the upper left corner of the screen letting you know the donation
was accepted, and any units engaging you should recieve an immedaite emergency
radio call to report to another call.

There may be some situtations where this bribe "may" not work.
Although this has been tested extensivily, there might be certain missions or
cutscenes where the police will engage you regardless of your bribe.
A way to make this feel more realistic in that type of situtation is to think
of it this way, if the Police officer on your payroll isn't at the computer
when you wire the money, he can't stop the current police action.

Also, this mod "might" break some missions if you use the bribe when the police
are scripted to engage you. (Robbing a bank, taking out drug dealers on certain
mission, etc).
As soon as the "script/lock on that current mission that is forcing police
presence ends, you will be able to bribe them succesfully. Sorry, but sometimes
you have to spend money to walk.
$1000 is pretty cheap for getting away with 1st degree murder!
But please, for your wallets sake, only use the bribe system when absolutely neccesary.

*NOTE: Bribe will work even if you do not have any money (like early in the game),
but that's okay because you'll be doing some work later on to work off
what you owe ;)

If you need to change the key used to make the bribe system
work, open GunMods5OBribe.vb with a text editor (notepad)
and change this line:
Case Keys.End
to whatever key you would like to use.

Case Keys.O 		will let you use the letter O
Case Keys.J 		will let you use the letter J
Case Keys.Insert 	will let you use the INSERT key	

Save the file and make sure the file extension is .vb

Version 1.30501 - First public release


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