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Bike Guard
Do not fear, BikeGuard is here
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Author: Jwalin
Files have been uploaded and will appear online shortly
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 25 Jun 2016
Views: 27151
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.75 (12 votes)
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Extract to CLEO folder. Put fxt file in CLEO_TEXT folder.

Press "crouch" + "look behind" on foot or "sub-mission" + "horn" in car to call/cancel the BikeGuard.
He will follow you around on his bike.
He is invincible and armed with a M4.

Once BikeGuard has arrived,
v : Spawn sub guards (3 at max)
c : Order to kill nearby people

Tons of lines of code, driving one man, for one purpose : Your Protection
Temporary download link:
Jwalin commented 3 days ago:
 QUOTE (RobertDknini1702 @ 01:04, 14 Jun 2016)
Great mod, keep it up! :colgate:
Thanks man! :)
Gojirando commented a week ago:
Think you could make one for SA?
RobertDknini1702 commented 2 weeks ago:
Great mod, keep it up! :colgate:
SirKiluminatti commented 4 months ago:
Link please...
Jwalin commented over 2 years ago:
m107sniper commented over 2 years ago:
The main guard with the M4 can be killed when he's knocked down. Please fix that. Except for that, this mod is cool. :colgate: :colgate: :colgate:
darthvader20011 commented over 2 years ago:
 QUOTE (goodModsRcool @ 15:54, 22 May 2013)
Do you have a website, or mediafire link or somewhere else this can be downloaded from? I'm becoming very impatient with the moderators here... they have not been approving anybody's uploads. :sui:
Yes, except the spammers (i dont say the names). They are so laazy
abrar sajjad chowdhury momit commented over 2 years ago:
cool mod guy :O thanks i was waiting for this mod :D :cool:
Gta7 commented over 2 years ago:
[color=Green][size=14] :D :blush: :happy: :yawn: Ashwin brother please give us the gta vc dff editor/gmax setup.exe :r*:
AngelSave commented over 3 years ago:
Download?? .__.
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