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New Graphics Enhancement
Information Files
Author: GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: FINAL
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 19 Dec 2014
Views: 134383
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.41509 (53 votes)
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Hey Guys Thank you soo much for the 50k Downloads! It really means a lot for me and really inspires me to make more mods for you! So this is a BONUS addon for the mod New Graphics Enhancement FINAL. The new addon mainly boosts up the Draw Distance, like the v3 of this mod. But this time its too cool!

There are 2 versions of this new addon:-

High Draw Distance Edition (HDDE) = This is for the people with Mid-range PCs. It features quite high draw distance, which has a value of 3K. However, people with less powerful PCs can run this version, though there might be slight lag.

Insane Draw Distance Edition (IDDE)= This features the highest draw distance ever released for GTA SA, which has a value of 7.5K. However, you do need a good PC with a powerful graphics card. If your PC can handle ENB series, then this should work fine.

You can compare the versions by checking out the screenshots.

NOTES for this Addon:-

* To compare the values of Draw Distance, you should know that NGE v3 High-end had a value of 5K, while NGE FINAL Base had a value of 0.8K.
* If your PC/Laptop is not so powerful, it is Highly reccomended for you to use NGE FINAL Base for smooth gameplay.
* The reason I used K to represent thousand is because GTAGarage wont let me type 3 zeros together!

May I present, the only mod on the GTA Community which GREATLY amps up your game's graphics, without causing the littlest loss of FPS. The game will look significanly fresh, and the screenshots can explain more than words. About this version:- This the very final version of the New Graphics Enhancement mod. There will be no newer versions. This mod utilised every single features available in the timecyc.dat. Here is the list of the effects:- Object-sky Reflections Built-in Sun Flare Intense Shadows Real ped lighting effect Water-sky Reflections Mist Effect Fresh Environment Colours These all will be Self-explanatory once you see the screenshots. The Different Timecyc Sets:- As you know, there are 5 different timecyc sets: the Real-life set, the GTA 5 set, the Original Colours set, the Bright set, and the Vivid set. There sets are different in their own ways, according to their names.To let you have the best experience, they are set to appear randomly, so that you can have a blast of mixed feelings during gameplay. The screenshots can give you an idea of what the different sets might look like. The Weather Conditions:- Different weather conditions of the game has been edited, which are the Sandstorm, the Foggy and the Underwater weather conditions. You can know how these look like in the screenshots. However, the most significant change is the different rain conditions. There is the Normal Rain which is basically just normal, except that it is made more realistic and brighter. The other is the Night-mare Rain. This is my favorite part of the mod. during the nightmare rain, You will only be able to see a few feet away. Driving becomes challenging, and insanely fun! I have also made the sky a bit reddish to give you an "acid rain" feeling. This type of rain will occur mostly in cities. Installation and Compatibility:- Installation is simple. It only involves replacing the timecyc.dat. This mod is very, very light, and is compatible with almost everything. If your PC/Laptop can run GTA SA, it will surely run on your game. For the previous version (v3) I had received lots of complains about the game becoming too much bright. This is fixed and will never happen again. Now this mod is something for everybody. Credits:- Here is the full list of people who are the contributers to the mod:- ghpranav (The GTA5 Set was his idea) ThirteenAG (The Flicker Fix belongs to him) And all those special people who had always been there for me through all think and thin with all their support and suggestions (in no particular order):- Rizqan gtaloconbest98 Blackheart69 Takahiro855 malengks hrishi.kick theperfectone GODOFGAME ICYGlacial rockparassingh rokistaking187 alayanrole Andres2543 EpicKhanage methodunderg and my favorite hatespersons:- MyTWhale and member since 2007
So guys try out this mod if you like it. This is the final version, and I will be taking a long break from all these. Download this mod, and dont forget to rate 5/5! Have fun with no limit! - GTA_SA_GURU_ZIM.
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GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented a month ago:
@Harerama Chakraborty:- Thanks mann :D
Harerama Chakraborty commented a month ago:
This is a great mod! Keep up the good work!
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented a month ago:
@Blackheart69:- Glad to hear that dude! ;)
Blackheart69 commented a month ago:
Wow.Thanks for the timecyc man. Works perfectly. :r*:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented a month ago:
@Blackheart69:- Dude its really a problematic work... you might mess it up if you try it yourself, so I have made a timecyc myself reducing fog as much as possible. You can download it here -- Timecyc.dat I also recommend you to turn your Draw Distance down from Menu/Options/Advanced/ to gain maximumm performance.
Blackheart69 commented a month ago:
:colgate: Hey bro.Loved your mod.If you're not too busy I have a small request to make.Buddy could you tell me how to shorten the fog distance in the timecyc.dat.I am using your mod+GTA SA .LOD mod+SRT 2014 , and the game looks awesome but its a little heavy on my laptop, I do not want to remove .LOD mod(cause no more pop in) but I was hoping if you could tell me which values to change in timecyc.dat so that the fog appears closer, that's all I wanted to know.Hoping for reply.Thanks. :r*:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 2 months ago:
@GODOFGAME:- Good work, mann! Ur a Genius! :D :cool:
GODOFGAME commented 2 months ago:
3 Times The Letter "a" In "timecyc.aa"
GODOFGAME commented 2 months ago:
Solved! I Tested With You Final Beta And It Works In SAMP You Need The gta_sa.exe From Here And Rename The timecyc.dat To timecyc.aa That's All Enjoy Every timecyc.dat In SAMP
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 2 months ago:
@GODOFGAME:- You can use other effects by replacing the particle.txd, which should not interfere with how th emod works. But if there any problem caused by the timecyc, file can you give me a screenshot of what it looks like using the modded lens flare along with this mod?
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50K Downloads BONUS
Guys, Big News! I have been working on this mod for some time recently, and I have prepared a special version of this mod, which will be released AS SOON AS THIS MOD REACHES 50 THOUSAND DOWNLOADS! This will be a Bonus version featuring two increased Draw Distance Addons High Draw Distance Edition and Insane Draw Distance Edition! So stay tuned, and hope that the downloads keep coming in!

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