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BETA 1 Has Been Uploaded!
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Author: GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 13 Apr 2014
Views: 89985
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.26828 (41 votes)
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Thanks to all your support, I have been able to return. I don't have time to make thinks elaborate, So i will give the basic Info.

There will be 5 different Timecyc Sets:-
Real Life = Completely based on Real Life.
GTA 5 = Based on Gameplay of GTA5.
Vivid = Unreal, colourful environment.
Bright = Bright colours, not so realistic.
Original = Based on the Original SA Timecyc.

There will be NO BLUR, there will be the added shadows and lighting effects from the PS2 Timecyc.dat
There will be a new system of changing colours during the cycle.
Every single Timecyc set will be edited.

There will also be Three kinds of Rainy Weather:-
Normal = Realistinc and normal rain.
Light = Light rain with a bit sunny weather.
Nightmare = Extreme rain with harsh conditions - Insanely Fun!

I will be creating this mod completely from scratch, and its gonna be VERY complicated to make, and I also have to manage time from my studies. That is why it can take quite a lot of time to finish and release the mod.

More info and credits will be posted later.
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GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 3 days ago:
@GODOFGAME:- Windows XP SP3 @Everyone:- Guys I have found a solution! Theres this cousin of mine who lives on the other side of the country. He has a fresh copy of the game and we will be meeting soon in a family occasion a few weeks later. He WILL bring the game along with him, and then I can have a completely bug-free game! And BTW, I'll be posting after I start making the mod, so for some time there might be nothing much to see here.
GODOFGAME commented a week ago:
What Windows Are Using?
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 3 weeks ago:
That audio-less version didn't work out either. It cant be the scripts -- I had downloaded the whole data folder from some SA Backup website, but still no fix. I'm starting to think its the problem with Windows, but my elder brother is not willing to do that. But it could also be the game itself. I mean, all the three GTA SA I had downloaded had the very same GTA Titles vedio which said:- " presents" - this means that some damn guy had uploaded the bugged game, and everyone copied it and shared it on their own torrent sites. But whatever happened, my game isn't fixed yet.
GODOFGAME commented 3 weeks ago:
I Think Is A Script :/
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 3 weeks ago:
GODOFGAME:- Writing 9 six times only reduced the bug a bit. Now buildings flash less but most of thew ped and CJ become invisible very frequently. Thats why I'm now downloading an audio-less version of the game which is 910MB. Maybe thats gonna solve the problem.
GODOFGAME commented 3 weeks ago:
Write Six Times The Number Nine in Both
GODOFGAME commented 3 weeks ago:
Do You Have A Topic?
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 3 weeks ago:
And yeah, I had also used the SAGFX PS2 mod sometime in the past. This mod is also supposed to be compatible with SAMP, and almost every mod that doesn't require replacing the timecyc.dat
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 3 weeks ago:
@GODOFGAME:- Hmm the long numbers didn't work. Can you write numbers in words like this:- memory (ninety-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine)
GODOFGAME commented 3 weeks ago:
Thanks And Write In Stream.ini memory 9 9 devkit_memory 9 9
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About BETA 1
Oh, I had forgotten to give some info about the release of BETA 1. It is Actually the "Original Colours" timecyc set, NOT the "Realistic" set. The Original Colours set improves the original GTA SA timecyc. The Realistic Set will be different, displaying the colours and mist based on Real Life.

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