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New Graphics Enhancement
BETA 1 Has Been Uploaded!
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Author: GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 13 Apr 2014
Views: 74676
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.21052 (38 votes)
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Thanks to all your support, I have been able to return. I don't have time to make thinks elaborate, So i will give the basic Info.

There will be 5 different Timecyc Sets:-
Real Life = Completely based on Real Life.
GTA 5 = Based on Gameplay of GTA5.
Vivid = Unreal, colourful environment.
Bright = Bright colours, not so realistic.
Original = Based on the Original SA Timecyc.

There will be NO BLUR, there will be the added shadows and lighting effects from the PS2 Timecyc.dat
There will be a new system of changing colours during the cycle.
Every single Timecyc set will be edited.

There will also be Three kinds of Rainy Weather:-
Normal = Realistinc and normal rain.
Light = Light rain with a bit sunny weather.
Nightmare = Extreme rain with harsh conditions - Insanely Fun!

I will be creating this mod completely from scratch, and its gonna be VERY complicated to make, and I also have to manage time from my studies. That is why it can take quite a lot of time to finish and release the mod.

More info and credits will be posted later.
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malengks commented 16 hours ago:
nice work with the lighting, other than that i'll observe more playing with it.
Rizqan commented a day ago:
GTA_SA_GURU_ZIM@ allright, I'll waiting your PM :), anyway, if I didn't answer your PM, it maybe I'm studies or busy ;).
rockparassingh commented a day ago:
Amazing mod man i like it 5/5 goodwork :) :cool:
Blackheart69 commented 3 days ago:
Dude, thankx for telling about da rain options.Love ur mod.Keep up the gud work. :D P.S. I love the pink sun at evening... :inlove:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 4 days ago:
@Takahiro855:- Sorry for the late reply. I cheacked out what Mod Loader looks like, but haven't really tested it out. I can't be sure whether it will be included with this mod in the future. Currently I'm not taking the risk, as my job is to keep this mod bug-free. :cool: @Rizqan:- I know, right?! I myself am very excited to create three different conditions of rain and storms. I'll be starting a PM conversion with you within about a week. @Blackheart69:- Yeah, the fog and lighting feels so good ingame, that I could not help but release a BETA version of the mod! And about the rain, Rizqan meant the three stages of rain, Normal, Light and Nightmare. :) Aaand MyTWhale:- When I noticed you're back, my heart started beating fast - not because of thinking I'd have to deal with a hater, but because I was very excited. I know you had also been checking out my mod. What is surprising is that remember your first comment, about how I should get a job and all? I had saved your comment on a Microsoft Word document. I have even saved your new two comments. Do you know why? Because I know I'll be learning a lot from you. You had said "Dont forget the past but don't get stuck to it coz this kind of things becomes the bedrock of lives". That is completely true. You also said "Often regret is very false and displaced, and imagines the past to be totally other than it was." That is also absolutely true. I have analyzed your comments a few times even while writing this reply. Honestly speaking, your second comment literally brought tears to my eyes. You said you chased the person who showed you the littlest bit of affection. That made me wish I had been there beside you, my hand on your shoulder, and said that your status in life is not what your family makes it -- its what you make for yourself. You dont need any medical attention. All you need is a true friend. But dont make the mistake of hating your own family. They indeed care for you, although they dont express it, but at the end of the day, your smile is the picture which appears in front of their eyes when they sleep. Your goal is to try to understand other people's perspectives - what they expect from you, what they Want from you. Life is a mirror, I'm telling you. The more you will respect, the more you'll be respected. The more you care for others, the more you'll be cared for. You dont have to "Get a life". You already have your life in your hands, you have to mod it. You have to live it the way YOU want. But always remember your limit. Once others are in the higher priority in your life, you'll know that You yourself are in their highest priority. You never made any mistake over and over again. The only mistake you did is thought you are a loser. Thats the most bogus thing to think. Had you been a loser, you would never express your life here to me - and you would have never have apologized for behaving like a complete jerk. You are a very special person yourself. I want you to be yourself, but you have to remember what I told you. Nobody said that a 10 year old game can prevent you from the brilliant opportunities of life. You have to do what you love the most. I truly believe that you will find a real friend to help you reach the top of the ladder. Until then, I am always there whenever you need help, friend. ;)
Blackheart69 commented 4 days ago:
Bro... You are amazing :r*: .Great mod once again.i love the morning and evening effects and the fog.Waiting for full version.Here have some breakfast :breadfish: :cookie: :cookie: :catloaf: .BTW what does this guy mean by "rain has its own option"?couldn't understand that... Still awesome mod.
MyTWhale commented 5 days ago:
Its me again, don't read the last line ... I'm genuinely sorry for behaving like a complete jerk(again).it's quit evident that I need serious medical attention or maybe a hug is all I need. I don't know, I've been like this for as long as I can remember and most probably this comment is a trap. Ive done the same mistakes again and again, Ive chased out each and every person that has shown the tiniest bit of affection toward me out of my life, and when I came in contact with gtagarage it was he same sh*t all over again.I've come to terms with my problem and its seated deep within childhood abandonment issues and a completely dysfunctional family that prefers to have the kid sedated with computers and sh*t instead of spending quality family time.With that being said I like your mod and the reason I hated you mod was coz I have been considering myself a loser for playing the same game in my parents basement for 10 years instead of getting a life.And when you showed similar interest in an outdated game I immediately associated you to be a loser like me.(which is stupid coz for all we know you are pretty AWESOME).However, Ive said anything that need be said and I swear this isn't my usual trolling... Cheers and goodbye.
MyTWhale commented 5 days ago:
Hey Bro... its me again... THE HATER who's been commenting sh*t on your mod.I want you to know that you rock and no matter what any anonymous pretentious douche like me tells you , you should continue chasing your passions.I don't know what makes me behave like a hater maybe its the result of my deep dissatisfaction with my life or maybe its the internet apathy that i am so intoxicated with or maybe I've been jerking alot watching furry porn. However I am not here to express whats commonly mistaken as REGRET... For I firmly believe that Often regret is very false and displaced, and imagines the past to be totally other than it was. However, I must still say that your latest mod is a masterpiece, to the inexperienced eye it maybe just another timecyc modification with amped up relective values but it is a lot more than that. Finally I wanna say that this mod beautifies an already beautiful game which is after all what matters. ... Did you buy that... what a f*cking LOSER>>dude seriously get a life. :die:
Rizqan commented 5 days ago:
I also need your help for my timecyc mod called SASR v2.1, can you give me a lesson about more advanced editing timecyc? I know it's out of topic, but you can contact me in PM at GTA Forum :).
Rizqan commented 5 days ago:
Wow the rain has the its own option! :O Amazing :r*:
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About BETA 1
Oh, I had forgotten to give some info about the release of BETA 1. It is Actually the "Original Colours" timecyc set, NOT the "Realistic" set. The Original Colours set improves the original GTA SA timecyc. The Realistic Set will be different, displaying the colours and mist based on Real Life.

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