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New Graphics Enhancement
[FINAL] Something for everybody!
Information Files
Author: GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: FINAL
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Apr 2013
Last Updated: 07 Sep 2014
Views: 98388
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.33332 (45 votes)
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May I present, the only mod on the GTA Community which GREATLY amps up your game's graphics, without causing the littlest loss of FPS. The game will look significanly fresh, and the screenshots can explain more than words.

About this version:-
This the very final version of the New Graphics Enhancement mod. There will be no newer versions. This mod utilised every single features available in the timecyc.dat. Here is the list of the effects:- Object-sky Reflections Built-in Sun Flare Intense Shadows Real ped lighting effect Water-sky Reflections Mist Effect Fresh Environment Colours These all will be Self-explanatory once you see the screenshots.
The Different Timecyc Sets:-
As you know, there are 5 different timecyc sets: the Real-life set, the GTA 5 set, the Original Colours set, the Bright set, and the Vivid set. There sets are different in their own ways, according to their names.To let you have the best experience, they are set to appear randomly, so that you can have a blast of mixed feelings during gameplay. The screenshots can give you an idea of what the different sets might look like.
The Weather Conditions:-
Different weather conditions of the game has been edited, which are the Sandstorm, the Foggy and the Underwater weather conditions. You can know how these look like in the screenshots. However, the most significant change is the different rain conditions. There is the Normal Rain which is basically just normal, except that it is made more realistic and brighter. The other is the Night-mare Rain. This is my favorite part of the mod. during the nightmare rain, You will only be able to see a few feet away. Driving becomes challenging, and insanely fun! I have also made the sky a bit reddish to give you an "acid rain" feeling. This type of rain will occur mostly in cities.
Installation and Compatibility:-
Installation is simple. It only involves replacing the timecyc.dat. This mod is very, very light, and is compatible with almost everything. If your PC/Laptop can run GTA SA, it will surely run on your game. For the previous version (v3) I had received lots of complains about the game becoming too much bright. This is fixed and will never happen again. Now this mod is something for everybody.
Here is the full list of people who are the contributers to the mod:- ghpranav (The GTA5 Set was his idea) ThirteenAG (The Flicker Fix belongs to him) And all those special people who had always been there for me through all think and thin with all their support and suggestions (in no particular order):- Rizqan gtaloconbest98 Blackheart69 Takahiro855 malengks hrishi.kick theperfectone GODOFGAME ICYGlacial rockparassingh rokistaking187 alayanrole Andres2543 EpicKhanage methodunderg and my favorite hatespersons:- MyTWhale and member since 2007
So guys try out this mod if you like it. This is the final version, and I will be taking a long break from all these. Download this mod, and dont forget to rate 5/5! Have fun with no limit! - GTA_SA_GURU_ZIM.
Comments News
MyTWhale commented a day ago:
I spent the night on my favorite spot.I was waiting for the sun to come up in the desert when I saw this sh*t. Over-bright, over-dark, over-saturated, don't trust the screens(this mod looks only good in screens), this mod is so bad it makes default timecyc look smooth, clear. BTW:I replaced my HD effectsPC.txd with your sh*tty file in extras lens flare section and nearly puked.
Blackheart69 commented a day ago:
Awesome work bro. :D .I know some people are suggesting that it should have different timecycs for Different versions BUT IT IS SO AWESOME THAT YOU COMBINED IT ALL IN ONE KILLER MOD>I have been playing around with timecyc mods from the very start and I dont want to change different timecycles 20 times a day(including playing game->quiting game->replacing file->load up game->check different timecyc). This mod could not have been better.Now just replace one file and enjoy all possible timecycs, without having to worry about missing anything.5 stars bro. :catloaf: :cookie: :breadfish:
moshimashi commented 5 days ago:
when the time is 6-9 the lights are too bright.
Rizqan commented a week ago:
Finally the final version is on the track! Although I've retired playing GTA SA, I'd like to say congratulations for your mod, all the memories since I stay in this mod while first development (when I newbie in GTAF and GTA Garage) till now is cannot be forgetted, although the GTA Garage's comment page isn't bugged now, for more explanation be sure to check your PM, I have inserted my FB's link inside the message, also, don't forget to online as soon as you can at FB, I'm waiting :r*: Greets GTA_SA_GURU_ZIM, maybe this is my last comment in GTA Garage (not GTA Forums), hope your mod's going to success and see you in Facebook soon! :D
CarlmmyJohncetti commented a week ago:
Having used this now, I can say this mod looks great however there a few things that could be improved. For one, from what I understand, ALL of those color sets are included in the one mod, changing at random? It would be prudent to make different timecyc files containing only a single set of colors for those that favor one over another and in keeping with the continuity of weather in the game world. Another thing and this one is really the bigger problem for me, is that the low quality "blob" sprite shadows look pretty bad because they're a lot darker than normal so they're more apparent. I don't have a good gaming PC so I play SA on low quality, and so this is an ugly problem for me. Can you please make it so that the shadows have the default level of visibility and aren't so dark? Or at least tell me how to make this change myself? Other than those problems, everything looks very much improved. The change in lighting goes a long way in changing the quality of the graphics, at times things look a little too bright but this is a common issue I've seen with timecyc mods so I guess it can't be helped. Great job!
ESForces commented a week ago:
Great mod, thanks for helping wing community that wants to improve Grand Theft Auto San Andreas contributing a bit :D.
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented a week ago:
@Takahiro855:- Yea mann thanks! :D @IcyGlacial:- To be honest, making a mod is a long and frustrating work, I'd Its been soo tiring lately, that I decided to take a break. @rokistaking187:- Yeah, its too damn fun to play in that mode. :music: @minhtroller:- To activate nightmare rain, try out these two cheats:- SCOTTISHSUMMER and AUIFRVQS the one which will have the super-low draw distance is the nightmare rain!
minhtroller commented a week ago:
So, how can i activate the Night-mare rain?
rokistaking187 commented 2 weeks ago:
nightmare rain ... :devil: :devil: :devil: ohh yeah ...
IcyGlacial commented 2 weeks ago:
@GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM finnaly, i already tried your mod combined with my own set enb and its, looks better than ever! thanks for all your mods, you make my game feels different and is this your last mod? are you stopped from modding? is that right, surely i will miss you... haha <img src=p" />
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FINAL Version
As you know, the FINAL version of the mod is uplaoded. Have Fun!

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