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SWAT In The Air
New Police Helicopter
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Author: Hollywood Jack
Works with: GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.6
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Mar 2013
Last Updated: 02 Jan 2016
Views: 41599
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.77272 (22 votes)
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San Andreas helicopter:
Mod Showroom [SA] If you experience any problem with this mod or if you want to suggest some sort of modification related with this mod then go to Mod Showroom. VC Helicopter: UPDATE! - version 1.3 of the mod: Updated version 1.3 include: - fixed behavior of the SWAT shooters - after falling of the helicopter and surviving the fall they will now be still aggressive(instead of walking around like regular peds, they are now opening fire on you even on foot with M60's), - added the reword for every destroyed police helicopter (the R* have given you 250 box for the old helicopter. For the new one you get 500 box), - SWAT from rope have more kinds of weapons - it randomly changes each time the heli comes, - removed game crash error caused by incorrect timer usage. Note: The primary purpose of this mod is to replace the old police helicopter with a more realistic one. Work is still in progress and the helicopter will be probably better in the future. Description [VC]: This is my third wanted level modification for VC and this time it's a helicopter. Details: 1) Helicopter color variants - blue, black, gray, red and green, 2) Helicopter crew - SWAT team units - french model (pilot and gunmen) and original model (passengers - the rope crew), 3) evants: - the new chopper is coming 1 minute after the player reaches 3rd, 4th, or 5th star (at 6th it won't come, unleass it's already there. I did that because of my NGM mod and some other plans I have for the 6th wanted level star), - the chopper is highly sensitive to explosions - 1 projectile hit is enough for instant helicopter explosion but it's not gonna be easy to hit it because now it has a well trained SWAT pilot who will avoid projectiles as much as he can, - if you kill both gunmen - the rest of the tactical team crew will climb down with a rope and after that the chopper will fly away, - Helicopter is immune to bullets of any kind - however if you hit a pilot in the head the helicopter will lose its control, start spining around its axis and eventually explode, - gunmen will fall from chopper if they're wounded and, if the helicopter explode, they'll be throwen away by the explosion shock wave, - each time you destroy the helicopter it's gonna take 1 minute for new one with different color to come (if your wanted star is 3, 4 or 5), - if you don't destroy the helicopter and he flyes away (after deploying a tactical team crew with the rope) the same helicopter will attack you in the future contacts (unleas of course you load or start a new game). 4) weapons: - used only by SWAT units and not by helicopter. There're gunmen on both sides, both of them are carring M60s and attacking on site, - SWAT units are heavily armed with other stuff too - they possess a full tactical arsenal: - each and every SWAT team member from the rope now have different weapon: Mp5, M4, Kruger and shotgun (4 crew members - 4 different weapons), - besides the primary weapons, SWAT officers in this helicopter are also carring pistols (and some of them even knifes) as a secondary weapons so if you hit them they'll drop all 3 (or 2) weapons, Install: You must have CLEO for Vice City installed. If CLEO is installed, put all cs files into the CLEO folder (located in VC directory). Credits: Tools I was using for making this code were Sanny Builder and the scmlog developed by Link2012 so credits go to him as well. That's all for this mod. More wanted level modifications are on their way.
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waelbeji commented over a year ago:
((about tank fire mod)) hi again dude please make an update and decrease the ennemy NPC's fire rate and make it normal ... thei're shooting like machine guns ... come on it won't take you much time you know how to fix it :( :(
Alpha Ice commented over 2 years ago:
Love it ! Would highly recommend download. :r*: :lol:
FortCarson commented over 2 years ago:
Thanks for download link.
FortCarson commented over 2 years ago:
Hey man, I'm waiting for SWAT In The Air for SA!
FortCarson commented over 2 years ago:
Omar Khairy (Attempt #23):-  QUOTE
Some modders Attempt to change the helicopter from Police Maverick (Which the player can fly) to Police Chopper (Which Chase the player before this mod or any other wanted level mod and he cannot fly it). Alright follow this steps: Remove 3star heli.cs and then open the script and replace any car ID with 227 to 165. The Causes: There are two helicopters the old and the new one and the new one have a bug (Invisible) because it doesn't have the requested colors in the script. Thank you.
FortCarson commented over 2 years ago:
Omar Khairy (Bugs Report):-  QUOTE
Hey Jacky you have a small bug, the Helicopter comes from 3-5 Wanted levels and I don't see it at 6 Wanted levels, so I fixed it on my computer but I contacted you because I wanted other players to fix it too. And can you make from 1-10 Helicopters surronding the player? because some Users or guests aren't Modders they are only Gamers, so they cannot do it by themselves. Thank you.
m107sniper commented over 3 years ago:
I tried having 3 pack of your .cs files put in the CLEO folder and I had to deal with 3 SWAT Chopper. It was crazy. I love your mod. Thanks for giving me such wonderful thing. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
commented over 4 years ago:
I thought you may have done something like that... it does make it more realistic in a way too. My gtaforums username is goodModsRcool. That would be so awesome if you fix it up so peds spawn again when you clear the stars :colgate:
commented over 4 years ago:
Jack Jones: "I've made some sort of curfew in the city to make the event more realistic so that's why the peds disappear but I really haven't notice that this happens when the stars are cleared :whuh:. It's strange that nobody reported this so far. Anyway I could sent you a code that removes this error but I don't know your gtaforum name and I can't post a link here because it's against the gtagarage rules :/. And thanks for the vote :xmas:".
commented over 4 years ago:
Hey there, first i will say that I absolutely love this mod, I have been using it for a long time now. I seem to have found a bug though and was wondering if the same thing happens for you. After I have encountered a couple helis and the swat from ropes and have a 6 star wanted level, peds do not spawn in VC anymore, even if i clear my wanted level, the city becomes "pedless" lol, vehicles still spawn on the streets but no pedestrians. This ONLY happens if I have reached a 6 star wanted level. Any information about this would be highly appreciated! I Hope to get a response from you soon!
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SWAT In The Air 1.06
This version contains: - fixed cinematic camera problem caused by LCMV code, - shooters will be much more vulnerable to bullets, - decreased the explosion shock wave effect, - at star 7 the NSA agents will attack you with the normal maverick.

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