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Singleplayer Scripting / Open Source / C++/ Pawn
Information Files
Author: grasmanek94 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.6.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Feb 2013
Last Updated: 21 Feb 2013
Views: 2738
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)
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This mod allows you to create scripts in PAWN for the San Andreas singleplayer game.

It has also support for loading AMX plugins (dlls) made in C++ and normal DLL's (not for AMX).

It has around 500 native functions and uses the MTA Core.

This mod is actively developed and more features, fixes and improvements come with each day.

Instructions are included in the archive.

This mod is Open-Source (GNU GPL), you can edit it in any way you like, or contribute to it.
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Ferby commented over 5 years ago:
Very interested in this. I may try and learn Pawn again if this is good. Rated 5. :cookie: :cookie:
Sidoarjo_Modder commented over 5 years ago:
sounds like future modding has begins :cool:
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Version 0.6.4 is out!
-new Functions and defines added -Camera functions are finally available -Some crash fixes and minor improvements. -One step closer to a fully working sa-mp server emulator on singleplayer -Added example script (tv_effect) -Added SCM Engine (beta)

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