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DoLS: Don Of Los Santos
DYOM v7.0.2 Storyline
Information Files
Author: Nyhhichi
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Feb 2013
Last Updated: 10 Mar 2013
Views: 2788
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Don of Los Santos
Requirements: DYOM: v.7.0.2 GTA San Andreas Cleo3
1998 Los Santos 3 biggest families in LS Scarletti, Carlsons and Lucheros are in brink of war for dominance in LS. The War begins with coming of Russian military chip that all 3 families wanted. 2 of them, the Carlsons and Lucheros made a pact and agreed to sell the chip to American government. Scarletti however sent his best man John Luther to retrieve the chip for him. Lucheros and Carlsons alliance was gone. The rival mafias quickly found out the truth and made a pact once again this time against the Scarletti. Don Scarletti however has a plan for them...
John Luther- Protagonist and Scarletti made man. He was part mafia from very young age and made a name for himself doing lots of dirty work for don Ryan Scarletti. Don Ryan Scarletti- don of Scarletti mafia. Ryan rose to power after assassination of his father Carlo. He made a lot of money trading drugs and precious stones. In 1996 he became interested in technological goods. That lead him to steal a Russian military chip from two rival mafias Luchero and Carlsons. He has 2 sons, Maximilian and Branco. His wife died of cancer. Her death affected don Scarletti a lot. Dwayne 'Chip' Borel- Once a pimp on street he started importing illegal stuff for don Scarletti and earned his trust. Don Scarletti liked his loyalty and gave him ownership of Scarletti owned club known as Alahambra. Chip retired from smuggling and moved to more legal way of earning money. From his club. Evan Woods- Evan is don Scarletti assassin. He likes cars a lot and he is actually an mechanic. Evan is really dangerous guy and his enemy fear him like a devil. even thou it doesn't look like that Evan is a reasonable person and he would do anything to save his friend. Victor 'Vic' Kessler- Vic is experienced helicopter pilot that works as don Scarletti's personal pilot. Vic always wanted to be part of some action but don Scarletti for his safety only sent him to pick up his soldiers couple of times. Tommy Talia- Tommy is old friend of don Scarletti.Tommy and Ryan were always close to each other and together they created Scarletti mafia and Tommy was made life time consigliere. He always looks for peace but when its needed he becomes best Scarletti strategist. Maximilian 'Max' Scarletti - Youngest son of Ryan Scarletti. Max is knew John from young age just like Tommy knew Ryan. Max and John where always problematic while they were at high school. John calmed down after few years but Max didn't. One day Max killed his boss because he wasn't asshole to him. Don Scarletti sent him to Europe in order to save him from prison. Max lived in Italy until he was needed in LS again. Larry Jones - Larry Jones is popular politician in Los Santos. People love him because he was once living on streets and he knew what it was like. But Larry isn't a saint. He made a deal with don Scarletti where Scarletti protect him and he works for them. Nikolai Krakov - Nikolai is leader of Russian mafia that is responsible for chip smuggling to LS. He was leader of Russians really long time and he knew lots of people all over the world. In last few years he started to work against US Army. No know for sure what is his plan but he seems like an ordinary man when you see him.
Chapter 1 contains 11 missions. Chapter 2 contains 10 missions

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