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New Weather Cycle
Now the weather will be realistic in almost every parameter.
Information Files
Author: Etgmr
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 07 Feb 2013
Last Updated: 23 Jun 2013
Views: 3596
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.28571 (7 votes)
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The mod is still at work. The files will be uploaded soon, but there are ready screenshots.

What's in the mod?
  • New weather types: 1) Rain with no lightning 2) Rainy, sunny and rainbow at the same time 3) The sun can pop out of fog sometimes (in my SA it happen only once. You can see the screenshot in my mod: "Smoke".)
  • Rainbows will look like in the realistic world, different transparency, different length and they will appear only after rain, after fog and when it will be raining and sunny at the same time.
  • Clouds will be in different positions, different amount, different transparency, much farer cloud view distance and there will be more other cloudness features.
  • Sun rays can appear out of clouds. They appears with different look, position, amounts and much more. All depends on the clouds and the sun.
  • Different rain strengths-from drizzles to downpours. The rain strength can change at any time. It goes random and it can rain for short or long time.
What will be in the current versions?
  • Only different timecyc.dat . It will make the weather act more realistic.
In this version there are no special features.
Screenshot descriptions (sorry for bad resolution)-Notice that the time when the screens were taken is the time in the game, not the time when they were created in our time!
  • Light rain while sunny: It was taken somewhen around 10:30. There was a low rain with cool drizzeling and it was very sunny so it was enough sun light to see a rainbow. Too bad the clouds were too bright, so we saw a weak rainbow. The rainbow appearence allways depends to the sun light strength, and the brightness of the clouds.
  • Tip
    As much as the clouds are dark, the rainbow will appear more strong and clear.
  • A powerful lightning strikes: This was a powerful lighning appeared after a thunderstorm. I added some realistic lightning sounds, that are played according to the lightning strength. So after that lightning my ears almost exploded. My speakers even shook with this thunder!
  • Clear rainbow appears after rain: Now that's, I call a rainbow! It was taken at sunrise, somewhen at 06:30. There was a storm (no lightnings) between somewhen at 04:58 to 06:10. The storm flew to San Fierro, and from Santa Maria beach you could see a full clear rainbow!
  • Sunny (San Fierro): Bright and clear sky, above San Fierro.
  • Partly cloudy (San Fierro): Still bright but not so clear sky.
  • Snowy: This is one of the snowy weather types. There are lots of other variaties for snowy weather. In this screen, we see a foggy sky and light snow falling down. Of course, that the snow in my mod is accepted as one of the different weather types in the game. The only modification here is that I added the snow texture and a CLEO entry so it will appear as it suppose to be.
  • Party cloudy evening (one variaty of LS partly cloudy evening): Look at the sky outside the windows of the bus. The screenshot was taken somewhen after sunset. 17:20 or something..
  • High drizzle at sunrise: This screen was taken somewhen at 06:15, while it was sunrise and it was highly drizzeling (a new texture). At the right of the screen look at the black clouds crumbling down to little water drops, and because of the sun at the other side, we can see a small rainbow below those clouds. At the bottom left of the screen (above the water), with a clever eye you can see the moon disappearing above the sea.
  • Extra hot after rain (Los Santos): This screen was taken at 12:46. You can see a double ainbow. I think I'll have to make the distance between the two rainbows a bit far than it is in this screen. With a clever eye, you can see places where the heating waves are flying around.
  • Sun rays shining from stormy sky (Los Santos): This screen was taken at 17:38. The sky was full with stormy clouds but there were times of sun. When I (CJ) went to attack Vagos near the southern beach I noticed a sun ray slowly appears out from the clouds. I saw it's going brighter even more so I quickly took a few screenshots of it. I chose this one cuz it was with the most bright ray that I could catch.
  • Cloudy sunset (one variaty of LS cloudy evening): Was taken at 18:48. The sun was at the left of me (CJ) so we couldn't see it. Even if I was taking the screen where the sun was, we weren't able to see it cuz of the clouds.
  • Heavy fog (one variaty of SF heavy fog at early morning (before sunrise)): Was taken at 05:44. In this screen you can see a heavy fog at San Fierro.
Comments News
Etgmr commented 9 months ago:
Sorry dude... I will soon upload the mod for download. I have working on the mod and made already a lot of bug fixes (especially the one of the rainbow which was looking too small. I mean I made it to a apear along the whole sun lighting in where it's rainy). Check out the screenshots I'll upload soon. :cool:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented 11 months ago:
Hey Egtmr, What's up with you and your mod? I haven't heard from your mod for more than a month. BTW, Did you check out my Newest mod? It will be a real competition when we both are done with our mods!
Danyal Zia commented over a year ago:
Awesome work! Keep it up! Take this cookie :cookie: :cookie:
Danikov commented over a year ago:
Nira ahla :D
Etgmr commented over a year ago:
In Jerusalem (Israel) the sky is sometimes also like that. Of course that in my mod the bottom sky can be darker that the upper sky... :colgate:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented over a year ago:
Then its all cool! :cool:
Etgmr commented over a year ago:
Well in Ashqelon (Israel), in the realistic world, the sky looks exactly like that. The bottom sky is like in that screenshot, but sometimes the bottom sky is darker.
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented over a year ago:
Hey, about the "Sunny and clear sky" uploaded recently, It looks a little too "cartoony" (to be honest). You can make the bottom sky a bit whiter or the top sky a bit darker. You should also do something about the color correction and fog starting point (draw distance). Just a suggestion, that would make this mod better.
Etgmr commented over a year ago:
Thx! :D I'm gonna upload screenshots of all the other available types of weather that I made possible in GTA SA. :colgate: U know, I can't upload screens of weather that you saw in screens I uploaded already... :sigh:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented over a year ago:
Cool! :cool: :cool: :cool:
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Lots of glitches
I really worked on this mod, and I did the best to release it as soon as I could. I can't release a mod with nonstop appearing glitches. My SA crashes every 10 minutes, but I can still play with this mod. I'm REALLY SORRY that I can't release the mod. I'm still working on it, and since September I fixed only 8 glitches. There are still 6 glitches on the way, and a few unknown bugs that I'm looking for the reason of their appearence. I'll do all I can to repair it and release it as fast as I can. I wanna remove this mod and open a new one when it will ready. Untill this one will be removed, I'll keep uploading cool screens that I'll B able to catch on the time between the crashes.

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