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Liberty City Stories PC
for Vice City
Information Files
Author: HackMan128
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Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: beta 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Feb 2013
Last Updated: 23 Nov 2013
Views: 42811
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.72095 (43 votes)
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This mod is a total conversion, which is including the Liberty City Stories map, weather, radar, hud, menu, and some stuff like vehicles (but not many for now), converted from PS2 version.
It's stands on GTA: Liberty City, which is giving launcher/most of vehicles/paths. It isn't related to any other mod.

HackMan128project leader, author
ThirteenAGbeta tester
theNGclanPed animations
Documenting GTA3/VC memory adresses topic teamgreat memory addresses resource
LC teamGTA Liberty City author
R*GTA LCS author
Since I created a bunch of tools to extract original LCS files (and managers for IDE/IPL/COL/TXD datafiles), work is going pretty fast. This project is finished. Now other teams can download it and expand it. Main progress is on the screens, there are also informations:
PORTLAND ISLAND: Normal map objects (99%) Long distance map objects (95%) STAUNTON ISLAND: Normal map objects (99%) Long distance map objects (95%) SHORESIDE VALE ISLAND: Normal map objects (99%) Long distance map objects (95%) TUNNELS: Normal map objects (99%)
BIKES: PCJ600 Freeway Angel Sanchez Faggio Pizzaboy Noodleboy CARS: Sentinel Police Mafia Sentinel Kuruma Perenial Taxi Cabbie
Converted PLAYER MODELS: Toni Suit Some stunt: If I leave this project, I think I'll upload latest progress of this modification. NOTE: I'm still don't know, if I'll continue this project because life is hard sometimes (diseases). Link to beta (mainly unstable because of ped Prostitute2 model), here is the link:
harjot23gill commented 3 weeks ago:
:cool: i have alredy maked this mod. but i will not uplode it. and i have also maked mod gta lc 10 aniversery
ACCOUNT_missing commented 3 months ago:
Nevermind, i read description again, and i replaced Prostitute2 with a ped from original GTA VC. Very good work
ACCOUNT_missing commented 4 months ago:
Guys, if your wasted and the skin is messed up, go to models>generic and delete player.bmp. Can you help me, when i playing with the mod for an hour or less, the game crashes. Anyway, keep up the good work!
farisguetta commented 5 months ago:
Exception at address: 0x040840AC EXE Version: gta-vc.exe 1.0 US Registers -- EAX: 0x0031DAB4 EBX: 0x00 ECX: 0x003207C8 EDX: 0x00320700 ESI: 0x67744DA0 EDI: 0x00286348 EBP: 0x00698290 ESP: 0x0012FDE4 EFLAGS: 100100100110 and when go to player skin, the model going spinning in wrong direction
commented 7 months ago:
Vinay you know you can run lcs on a psp emulator called ppsspp here's a gameplay vid of me playing it on my pc at full speed
commented 9 months ago:
I need gta LC to install this mod, right?. Is this mod work for gta LC 3.1?. I dont want to lose my gta lc so, this mod have new user file folder? (ex: gta liberty city stories user file folder in my document)
vinay94185form commented 11 months ago:
my brain was blasted :sui: :sui: with pcx2 control very difficult :devil: :devil: thank you for making it for pc thank you :r*:
KBG1234 commented over a year ago:
Hey HackMan, I have tested your mod... But when I kill a ped and come back to take money (ofcourse a roadkill!) the game crashes saying 'Unhandled Exception'. Why? :monocle:
dpx9000 commented over a year ago:
can you help me in a mod it is a awesome mod please contact me [email protected] or give me your email please :)
karim essam commented over a year ago:
how to install please upload A Vedio And Sorry For My Bad English :blink:
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