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GTA: San Andreas Battlefield
Life at War
Information Files
Author: Yezz007
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Chapter II
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 08 Jan 2013
Last Updated: 19 Jan 2013
Views: 20788
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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May 1st 2005 , an old existing empire named 'Empire of Pacific' has reached its rising moment. In that day, the Emperor has decided to expand the empire territories over the entire of pacific. Modern warfares and strategies were involved to gain control all little nations at pacific. October 21st 2005, the empire is at advantage and have gained control a half of Pacific. They are planning to take over an United States Territory at San Andreas with a surprise attack. November 1st 2005, The Empire's Transport Ships have left the port... fortunately The CIA has spotted the Ships and... surprise attack failed. But The Empire have another plan...
The intels give some information about the current war. San Andreas National Guard Current objective : Defending San Andreas from The Empire of Pacific attack. Commander : General Davison Condition : Disadvantage Power : 250 soldiers , 13 Aircrafts , 1 Aircraft Carrier , 1 Military Base , 1 Naval Base , 18 Main Battle Tanks No more details Empire of Pacific Emperor : ? Emperor's heir : Prince Alexander Economic : ? Owned Organizations : -The Imperial Army -Current Objective : Gaining control of San Andreas region. -Commander : Prince Alexander -Condition : Advantage -Power : 5000 soldiers , 3 Military Bases , 40 Main Battle Tanks -Division: Task Force 42nd Current Objective : Following direct order from Prince Alexander. Commander : Major Kane Condition : Fair Power : Mercenaries (unknown number) -no more details for division -The Imperial Navy -Current Objective : Gaining control of San Andreas region. -Commander : Admiral Frederich -Condition : Advantage -Power : 500 marines , 1 Naval Base , 2 Battleships , 1 Stealth-Battleship , 2 Aircraft Carriers , 120 Aircrafts. -No more details for Empire of Pacific
Captain Connor[PLAYER] A squad leader of a new soldiers, under the command of Major Morris. Major Morris A battallion leader of San Andreas National Guard* (*will soon be explained). Corporal John A squad member of Captain Connor, the skillful one. Corporal Uri A squad member of Captain Connor, the demolisher, heavily injured at his first mission. Corporal Paul A squad member of Captain Connor, the enginer, heavily injured at his first mission. Corporal Nick A squad member of Captain Connor, John is his rival. Corporal Max A squad member of Captain Connor, the sniper. General Davison The Commander of San Andreas National Guard, who controls every military activity at San Andreas. Mike Toreno The CIA Commander at San Andreas, a clever guy. Agent Black[PLAYER] The one of CIA Agent who trusted by Toreno. Major Kane The leader of Empire Task Force 42, he can easily recruit anyone to his side. Prince Alexander[MAIN ENEMY] The leader of the attack to San Andreas, mastered the Art of War and a good strategist. Colonel Vladimir The leader of the attack to San Andreas beside the prince, have a great skill to command his soldiers. Admiral Frederich The leader of Imperial Navy. More to be revealed
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Credits to Yezz007(me) - Designing these missions. Thanks to PatrickW and Dutchy3010 - Design Your Own Mission mod Authors Thanks to irsyadriz - Intro Video Thanks to AznKei for the Video Reviews Thanks to everyone who play these missions and for the support
The all missions of chapter 1 only compatible with DYOM V 6.1 (Unstable with DYOM 7) The all missions of chapter 2 only compatible with DYOM V 7.02 LABEL "Chapter (number)" means the whole chapter number LABEL "C(number)" means a mission in a chapter number
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:r*: :rah: Awesome!
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