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Vice City Stories Animations
LCS/VCS Anims for VC
Information Files
Author: theNGclan
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Jan 2013
Last Updated: 03 Jul 2013
Views: 13531
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4 (12 votes)
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LCS/VCS Animations for Vice City
This mod is now included in LCS PC Edition (VC version) Converted the animations from VCS (PS2) Do you just love the animations from Vice City Stories/Liberty City Stories? Well now you can have them in Vice City! Just drag and drop the given ped.ifp into your anim folder and you're done! This mod includes:
  • Idle animations
  • Jogging/sprinting/walking animations
  • Coming soon: More non-player animations
I know this mod isn't very special, but oh well
grandT commented over 2 years ago:
Can you convert VCS animation to San Andreas.Good mode.
theNGclan commented over 3 years ago:
That would have to be added Via CLEO/SCM.
KBG1234 commented over 3 years ago:
Why no sprinting with assault rifles?? :bbq:
theNGclan commented over 3 years ago:
The hands fitting the weapons is all determined by the player model, animation, and the weapon model. I recommend using this mod with LCS weapons and a Toni player model.
_CheatBoy commented over 3 years ago:
i really like the animation, but can you fix the hands when you stand?
theNGclan commented over 3 years ago:
The speed is determined by the animation. Every GTA after VC had slow running animations. I'll look into this for the next release.
Masdika_indonesia45 commented over 3 years ago:
I like this mod :inlove:. but, why I feel run so slow :dontgetit:. Can you fix that? :happy:
Kurropt Antagonist commented over 3 years ago:
Cool, glad to hear that. Looking forward to your next release. :D
theNGclan commented over 3 years ago:
I've just fixed the sideways falling issue. I'll look into the other problems in just a bit :)
Kurropt Antagonist commented over 3 years ago:
Nice work so far, but I wanna throw out some bugs (you may already be working on these, oh well). 1) When you get thrown off a bike, just before hitting the ground, the player does a weird turn and gets stuck in the air for a few brief seconds. (I'm guessing its trying to do the face plant but that's not possible for VC.) 2) The carjacking animation with the player kicking is bugged. The guy getting jacked gets thrown out of the car while the player is still kicking. This could potentially leave you vulnerable for a few seconds. 3) With the Mr Vercetti Suit (and maybe more, haven't fully tested all suits yet), while holding a two-handed weapon, Tommy's right arm gets squished (I can upload a pic letter if necessary). 4) With the Tracksuit (maybe more, not fully tested) and holding a two-handed weapon, Tommy's neck and back warp weirdly (again I can upload pics if necessary). Again, I like the mod so far! Edit: No idea why my posts keeping ending up as walls of text on here.
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