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Indian Railways Pack
cool realistic skins
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Author: 1998gtasa
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 23 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 18 Jun 2013
Views: 47395
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.52941 (17 votes)
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This is my first mod!

I like Indian train coaches so i made some for GTA san andreas.
the coaches are Jan shatabdi, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto and Express coaches. These have Indian Railways' logo in them and realistic texture. Hope you like my mod!


aryu100 commented a month ago:
hey, 1998gtasa where are ur wap-5 or wap-7, wap-4.Have you uploaded it. :angry: :angry:
BigfootLeatherface commented 2 months ago:
Proud to be Indian :D
1998gtasa commented over a year ago:
I dunno how i can SOLIDIFY that thingy you just mentioned... but i will SURELY make a local train... :r*:
victordave2011 commented over a year ago:
Hey buddy, dunno if I wrote to you before, saying so cuz already commented on few mods pages over here... the last comment you put asks some suggestions, n you mention electrification of railway tracks... 1.Railway Electrification mod is already over internet; I used it already but the probo is that whole of the system of electrification is only visible NOT solid... to mean, we can walk through the pole... now thats not very lucrative after 1 week... so you can make it all solid... otherwise that mod is to be used type... 2. Since I got craze of changing game features/aspects/designs and map for my personal use... I have wanted DESPERATELY the Mumbai local train... I searched all of the famous infamous gta sites... not one site hosts Mumbai local train... so that would be my hearty suggestion to you... All of the above is suggestion and not command, saying so cuz no one else has even responded to the suggestion... wrote this small essay only cuz you asked for it... my email ID is da same with gmail. I had not duranto of yours... so got it now...
commented over a year ago:
Not yet Decided my friend... anyway the railway electrification "CATENARY" mod in GTA SA will hwlp in adding a realsitic effect when you use my mod, I need to ask you: ANY MOD SUGGESTIONS ON INDIAN RAILWAYS?
commented over a year ago:
now what are thinking for future
commented over a year ago:
now what are thinking for future
commented over a year ago:
Hi all! After a loong wait, the Duronto coaches are here!! Download, and pls rate! :D :D :D
commented over a year ago:
in my msts keyboard controls are not working.please help :bored:
commented over a year ago:
guys help me plz i want some indian mods plz contact me or give you r email or fb link plz and like rampage productions :( plz like guys
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