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Author: IncaWarrior
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 11 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 09 Jun 2014
Views: 20590
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.84615 (13 votes)
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DISCLAIMER: NOT for use in multiplayer! You may get banned and spoil the fun for others!
I have stopped updating this mod for a long while, but I will continue if I get enough support. So leave your support in the comment, and a rating is always appreciated! Feel free to ask or say whatever you want, I will read it. Help is always welcome too! "Freedom to move wherever you want" Always wanted to explore the hidden interior universe without a jetpack, or with a car? Do you like to get THERE where you can't get normally? Just flew into the ocean? That's where I designed this mod for! This is a mod you can't refuse for sure! Have Fun!
Cleo mod installment:
You need cleo, if you haven't, google it. Put airbreak.cs in your /cleo folder and Put airbreak.fxt in your /cleo/cleo_text folder. Usage: Enable: CTRL + X Disable: ENTER
Please rate and comment!
Future versions:
Also, tell me what you want to see in the next version! Ideas so far: -Customizable fly speed -Bugfix in which cars sometimes move as not meant to
RobertDknini1702 commented a month ago:
Good mod, but it was not what I expected. Thanks for sharing it! :sigh:
mkthetimelord commented 11 months ago:
This is very useful to me, I can now map stuff in interior worlds and get to it :D Thanks! 5*
IncaWarrior commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (torrents @ 01:57, 09 Jul 2013)
NEW IDEA: Increaseable speed. :D :D :cookie: :cookie:
It's already in the fixes list, but thanks anyway! This mod is a difficult one, and I'll be spending a lot of time on these two bug fixes: Changeable fly speed and Cars fly fix More suggestions are welcome!
torrrrents commented over a year ago:
NEW IDEA: Increaseable speed. :D :D :cookie: :cookie:
tikva commented over a year ago:
Good mod, works perfectly. Great work, congratulations. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
Qpzezoqp commented over a year ago:
This MoD Very Cool And It Work On SA:MP 3X Test Only Take Some :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
IncaWarrior commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (Omar 10 @ 15:04, 13 Jun 2013)
the mod is useful !!BUT!! its too slow :(
I'll get to changing fly speed later in the next update, but for now, the fly speed is set to a more accurate speed.
Omar 10 commented over a year ago:
the mod is useful !!BUT!! its too slow :(
Omar 10 commented over a year ago:
the mod is useful !!BUT!! its too slow :(
IncaWarrior commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (TheWantedOne @ 20:34, 02 Jun 2013)
okay. You told us how to enable it [by pressing ctrl+x] but You didn't tell us how to disable it, so can you tell us how to disable it or it cannot be disabled, if it's not able to be disabled then please make it able to be disabled in the next version
It can be disabled by pressing ENTER
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