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Author: ThirteenAG
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 08 Dec 2012
Views: 20223
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (9 votes)
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This mod adds fuel and fuel meter to almost all vehicles, and also adds fuel station markers on the map. Mobile version also includes unlocked mainland from the start.
Copy main.scm to User Applications\\GTA Vice City\\ ios, not sure about android atm) with iFunBox(or another similar software), and start the new game. Old saves won't work because it's main.scm mod.

Make sure you have exe v1.0(gta3 v1.1 supported too), copy CLEO folder from .zip to GTA 3/VC root directory. Replace RKchat(radar_copcar in gta 3) in hud.txd and start the game.
SOUTHPARK78789 commented 9 months ago:
hey i got the mod in but theres no gas stations but the pink circle is there and the gastation spots on the map r called kchat radio stations. iam using ios. can anyone help?
Blade48 commented 9 months ago:
Awesome mod, my question is how to replace the rkchat icon file(with the gas station icon file). Thanks.
Ziero1986 commented 11 months ago:
I don't wanna nitpick... No, actually I do. While this is a good mod, I feel that main.scm modifying is bad and you should try to convert to Cleo. EDIT: Or I could give it a shot, if you don't mind.
matador da 25 commented 11 months ago:
the menu, link, please.
ThirteenAG commented over a year ago:
I will test it with mobile gta3. Edit: Well, it looks like gta 3 mobile doesn't have draw_box opcode(038E). Nothing i can do.
alexmuranaka commented over a year ago:
God, this is awesome! does it work with mobile gta3 version?
nikkoshock commented over a year ago:
F*ck man this mod it's amazing... do you think that yo can do a "food bar"? :D
ThirteenAG commented over a year ago:
You can drive with an empty gasoline tank on missions, but car engine will be turned off right after you complete the mission. I have gasoline for SA, which is working same way, so i made VC version pretty close to it.
xbxy commented over a year ago:
Hey, buddy, I suggest you change the Cleo, when my race, he actually can actuate, it is best to find oil did not slow down. :devil:
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