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Hydra Missile Upgrade Mod
Upgrades Hydra missiles explosion, speed, agility, etc.
Information Files
Author: pilot35
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Jul 2012
Last Updated: 04 Aug 2012
Views: 17928
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.16667 (6 votes)
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Here is a CLEO mod for the missiles for the Hydra. It has two modes. Homing mode is set when target is aquired and deploys realistically (do not fire near the ground, or missile explodes when deploying) .Rocket mode is set when no target is locked-on and is safe to fire on the ground. Other upgrades include:
-Full-auto missile firing, causing massive annihilation
-Instant target lock-on
-Triple the damage is caused
-Leaves a more thick trail
bantuj commented 2 months ago:
how to install this mod :(
bantuj commented 2 months ago:
how to install this mod :(
commented 5 months ago:
Awesome Mod!! Love It, Thx! have a cookie! :cookie:
Sudev2001 commented 7 months ago:
I LOVE IT!! AWESOME PILOT35 TAKE DOMINO'S PIZZA :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
cst1992 commented 7 months ago:
STOLEN. check here:
bloodhomie21 commented 9 months ago:
Superly Awesome mod! and realistic too, take some of these :cookie: :cookie: :colgate: :colgate:
Omar 10 commented 11 months ago:
cool mod :catloaf: :catloaf: :breadfish: :breadfish: :catloaf: :catloaf: :breadfish:
kallizzy commented over a year ago:
everytime i try to lock on the game crashes :/
Jumpping commented over a year ago:
Looks like it's stolen from Roysouke but who knows. Could be you just made a tweak to Roysouke's Hydra Missile or you made this from scratch. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
sapphiron commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (LucasXD123 @ 23:35, 23 Jul 2012)
Download link?? :dontgetit:
it take time for a mod to get approved so be patient :)
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